• Teaching in a Distant Classroom

    Teaching in a Distant Classroom

    Crossing Borders for Global Transformation

    by Michael H. Romanowski and Teri McCarthy

    Veteran educators Mike Romanowski and Teri McCarthy provide an essential guide for Christians teaching in overseas contexts. Providing both the theoretical framework as well as practical tools, the authors offer concrete advice and real-life examples for classroom instruction, daily life and much more.

  • The Next Worship

    The Next Worship

    Glorifying God in a Diverse World

    by Sandra Maria Van Opstal
    Foreword by Mark Labberton

    What happens when a diverse church glorifies the global God? Innovative worship leader Sandra Van Opstal provides biblical foundations for multiethnic worship, with practical tools and resources for planning services that reflect God's invitation for all peoples to praise him. When multiethnic worship is done well, the church models reconciliation and prophetic justice for every tribe and tongue.

  • Being Latino in Christ

    Being Latino in Christ

    Finding Wholeness in Your Ethnic Identity

    by Orlando Crespo

    Exploring what the Bible says about ethnic identity and drawing on his own journey to self-understanding, Orlando Crespo helps you discover for yourself what it means to be Latino, American--and, most importantly, a disciple of Christ.

  • The Hispanic Challenge

    The Hispanic Challenge

    Opportunities Confronting the Church

    by Manuel Ortiz

    Manuel Ortiz explores the unique needs and concerns of Hispanics in the U.S., overviewing population changes, addressing key missiological issues and concerns for justice, describing models for effective ministry, and emphasizing the need for leadership training.

  • Bridges to Islam

    Bridges to Islam

    A Christian Perspective on Folk Islam

    by Phil Parshall

    Expanding on his acclaimed book Muslim Evangelism, Phil Parshall argues that the avenue for dialogue between Muslims and Christians runs through folk, not orthodox, Islam.

  • Effective Discipling in Muslim Communities

    Effective Discipling in Muslim Communities

    Scripture, History and Seasoned Practices

    by Don Little

    Muslims who come to Christ face momentous spiritual, psychological and social obstacles that drive many to abandon their faith. Missiologist Don Little draws on New Testament principles, historical practices and interviews with seasoned disciplers ministering in Muslim countries to effectively disciple believers from Muslim backgrounds.

  • Rescuing the Gospel from the Cowboys

    Rescuing the Gospel from the Cowboys

    A Native American Expression of the Jesus Way

    by Richard Twiss

    The gospel of Jesus has not always been good news for Native Americans. But despite the far-reaching effects of colonialism, some Natives have forged culturally authentic ways to follow Jesus. In his final work, Richard Twiss surveys the complicated history of Christian missions among Indigenous peoples and voices a hopeful vision of contextual Native Christian faith.

  • The Soul of Hip Hop

    The Soul of Hip Hop

    Rims, Timbs and a Cultural Theology

    by Daniel White Hodge

    What is hip hop? It's a cultural movement with a traceable theological center. Daniel White Hodge follows the tracks of hip-hop theology and offers a path from its center to the cross, where Jesus speaks truth.

  • A Future for the Latino Church

    A Future for the Latino Church

    Models for Multilingual, Multigenerational Hispanic Congregations

    by Daniel A. Rodriguez
    Foreword by Manuel Ortiz

    Daniel Rodriguez argues that effective Latino ministry and church planting are now centered in second-generation, English-dominant leadership and congregations. Based on his observation of cutting-edge Latino churches across the country, Rodriguez reports on how innovative congregations are ministering creatively to the next generations of Latinos.

  • The Church

    The Church

    God's Pilgrim People

    by David Zac Niringiye

    From his roots in Africa, David Zac Niringiye takes us on the journey of a pilgrim people, helping us to appreciate what the church is at all times and in all places. This introduction provides a biblical theology that tells the story of the people and promise of God through Moses, of the kingdom of God in Christ, and the work of his people by the Holy Spirit.

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