• Beyond Colorblind

    Beyond Colorblind

    Redeeming Our Ethnic Journey

    by Sarah Shin

    While society may try to be colorblind, we can’t ignore that God created us with our ethnic identities, and he made them for good. Ethnicity and evangelism specialist Sarah Shin reveals how our broken ethnic stories can be restored and redeemed, demonstrating God's power to others and bringing good news to the world. Discover how your ethnic story can be transformed for compelling witness and mission.

  • Homeland Insecurity

    Homeland Insecurity

    A Hip Hop Missiology for the Post–Civil Rights Context

    by Daniel White Hodge

    Even though the North American context is changing, most missiological approaches continue under colonialist assumptions. Focusing on the framework of Hip Hop theology, Daniel White Hodge shows us how to radically engage with emerging adult populations, critiquing the impaired missiology of imperialist and white supremacist approaches to modern, urban short-term missions.

  • The God Conversation

    The God Conversation

    Using Stories and Illustrations to Explain Your Faith

    by J. P. Moreland and Tim Muehlhoff
    Foreword by Lee Strobel

    Every day it seems more difficult to explain to others what we believe and why. When our arguments fail to persuade them, what then? J. P. Moreland and Tim Muehlhoff say that the best way to win over others is with a good story. In this expanded edition of their classic book, the authors give practical coaching and illustrations to help us communicate our faith more effectively.

  • The Next Mile - Leader Guide with CD

    The Next Mile - Leader Guide with CD

    A Practical Short-Term Resource with Emphasis on Post-Ministry Follow-Through

    The Next Mile Set

    by Brian J. Heerwagen
    Edited by Dianne Grudda

    This comprehensive tool enables leaders to plan and conduct short-term trips for long-term impact.

  • What About Those Who Have Never Heard?

    What About Those Who Have Never Heard?

    Three Views on the Destiny of the Unevangelized

    Spectrum Multiview Book Series

    Edited by Gabriel J. Fackre, Ronald H. Nash, and John Sanders

    Ronald H. Nash, Gabriel Fackre and John Sanders offer three evangelical views on the destiny of the unevangelized.

  • Missional House Churches

    Missional House Churches

    Reaching Our Communities with the Gospel

    by J. D. Payne

    Using original interviews with over thirty missional house churches, J. D. Payne examines the influence of the house church movement on local communities throughout the United States.

  • Christ Our Reconciler

    Christ Our Reconciler

    Gospel, Church, World

    Edited by Julia E. M. Cameron
    Foreword by S. Douglas Birdsall

    The Third Lausanne Congress in Cape Town, South Africa, was hailed as the most representative gathering of the global church in the history of Christianity. Delegates from almost 200 nations gathered to cast new vision for world evangelization in the third millennium. Collected here are major presentations from this landmark event.

  • Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God

    Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God

    by J. I. Packer
    Foreword by Mark Dever

    If God is in control of everything, can Christians sit back and not bother to evangelize? Or does active evangelism imply that God is not really sovereign at all? J. I. Packer shows in this classic study how both of these attitudes are false.

  • Telling the Gospel Through Story

    Telling the Gospel Through Story

    Evangelism That Keeps Hearers Wanting More

    by Christine Dillon

    Church planter Christine Dillon has discovered that Bible storying is far more effective than most other forms of apologetics or evangelistic presentations. Her book explains how to shape a good story, how to do evangelism through storying and lead Bible discussions. Here are concrete steps for sharing the Story that everyone needs to hear.

  • Crossing Cultures with Jesus

    Crossing Cultures with Jesus

    Sharing Good News with Sensitivity and Grace

    by Katie J. Rawson

    You can be a missionary by crossing an ocean or by crossing the street. Filled with compelling stories, practical resources and relational tools, this guide from veteran crosscultural minister Katie Rawson shows how we can witness the way Jesus did, entering into people's worlds and drawing them into God-centered community.

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