• Tell the Truth

    Tell the Truth

    The Whole Gospel Wholly by Grace Communicated Truthfully Lovingly

    by Will Metzger

    In this revised fourth edition of his classic evangelistic work, Will Metzger calls for a rehabilitation of the truth framework necessary for the survival of the Christian message. Metzger's passionate and pragmatic approach provides direction for a new generation of evangelists eager to communicate the whole gospel.

  • True Story

    True Story

    A Christianity Worth Believing In

    by James Choung

    James Choung weaves the tale of a search for a Christianity worth believing in. Disillusioned believer Caleb and hostile skeptic Anna wrestle with the plausibility of the Christian story in a world of pain and suffering. Along the way, they discover that real Christianity is far bigger than anything they ever heard about.

  • Marks of the Messenger

    Marks of the Messenger

    Knowing, Living and Speaking the Gospel

    by J. Mack Stiles
    Foreword by Mark Dever

    Short-term missions expert J. Mack Stiles believes we can't separate who we are and how we live from what we say as we interact with people about the good news of Jesus. We need to live out the reconciling forgiveness of God as opposed to loving in the world's way. And when we leave things out of the gospel, not only is the message distorted but so are we as messengers. In this book Stiles shows us an integrated approach to knowing the gospel, living the gospel and speaking the gospel makes us whole, healthy evangelists.

  • Reimagining Evangelism

    Reimagining Evangelism

    Inviting Friends on a Spiritual Journey

    Reimagining Evangelism Curriculum Set

    by Rick Richardson
    Foreword by Brian McLaren and Luis Palau

    What if introducing your friends to Jesus was less like selling a problem-solving, pie-in-the-sky product and more like inviting them to join you on an adventure? Would you find a new freedom to be yourself—and to be of use to God? Rick Richardson dares to describe what evangelism really ought to be like.

  • Out of the Saltshaker & Into the World

    Out of the Saltshaker and Into the World

    Evangelism as a Way of Life

    by Rebecca Manley Pippert

    Rebecca Manley Pippert's evangelism classic, thoroughly revised and expanded, contains new chapters on the stages of evangelism, new stories of God's work in people's lives and added material on meeting the challenges of new competitors to the Christian faith.

  • Evangelism Outside the Box

    Evangelism Outside the Box

    New Ways to Help People Experience the Good News

    by Rick Richardson

    Rick Richardson shares fresh ideas for sharing Christ with postmodern people. Also included is "The Circles of Belonging," a new presentation of the gospel that is true to the way people think and live.

  • Evangelism Made Slightly Less Difficult

    Evangelism Made Slightly Less Difficult

    How to Interest People Who Aren't Interested

    by Nick Pollard

    Nick Pollard explains why people don't want to hear about Jesus and shows how to get them interested.

  • Speaking of Jesus

    Speaking of Jesus

    How To Tell Your Friends the Best News They Will Ever Hear

    Saltshaker Books

    by J. Mack Stiles

    J. Mack Stiles shows how to reach our ethnically, culturally, economically, educationally, geographically and ideologically diverse world with the best news of all.

  • Witness Essentials

    Witness Essentials

    Evangelism that Makes Disciples

    The Essentials Set

    by Daniel Meyer

    We know the radical difference the gospel of Jesus Christ makes, and we want others to know of it. So often, though, we feel that we are inadequate to the task. The Bible studies, exercises and readings in Daniel Meyer's new book will deepen your faith and equip you to minister to others with a new sense of confidence and calling.

    Number of Studies: 12

  • The Myth of the Non-Christian

    The Myth of the Non-Christian

    Engaging Atheists, Nominal Christians and the Spiritual But Not Religious

    by Luke Cawley

    Evangelism is not one-size-fits-all. In this book Luke Cawley shows how we can contextualize the gospel in different ways to connect with three key demographics: the spiritual but not religious, committed atheists and nominal Christians. Filled with real-life stories of changed lives, this book is a practical and hopeful resource for helping people to encounter God.

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