• The Contested Public Square

    The Contested Public Square

    The Crisis of Christianity and Politics

    by Greg Forster

    Christian thinking about involvement in human government was not born (or born again!) with the latest elections or with the founding of the Moral Majority in 1979. Greg Forster introduces the history of Christian political thought traced out in Western culture—a culture with a fragmented view of the proper relationship of government and religion.

  • Patron Saints for Postmoderns

    Patron Saints for Postmoderns

    Ten from the Past Who Speak to Our Future

    by Chris R. Armstrong

    If you feel discouraged in your efforts to reflect Christ each day in our broken world, the saints can help. Especially the ones whose stories Chris Armstrong tells here, because he's chosen them for the ways they've inspired him and deepened his own faith. A professor of church history, Armstrong provides rich portraits of ten people from the past who struggled and failed and fought and lived faithfully in their day.

  • C. S. Lewis as Philosopher

    C. S. Lewis as Philosopher

    Truth, Goodness and Beauty

    Edited by David J. Baggett, Gary R. Habermas, and Jerry L. Walls
    Foreword by Thomas V. Morris

    What did C. S. Lewis think about truth, goodness and beauty? David J. Baggett, Gary R. Habermas and Jerry L. Walls edit this overview of Lewis's philosophical thinking on arguments for Christianity, the character of God, theodicy, moral goodness, heaven and hell, a theory of literature and the place of the imagination.

  • Early Christian Thinkers

    Early Christian Thinkers

    The Lives and Legacies of Twelve Key Figures

    Edited by Paul Foster

    An international team of top scholars introduces a pivotal, early moment in the history of orthodox doctrine through the lives and works of key second and third century Christians.

  • Finding Calcutta

    Finding Calcutta

    What Mother Teresa Taught Me About Meaningful Work and Service

    Veritas Books

    by Mary Poplin

    Mary Poplin's chronicle of her volunteer work with the Missionaries of Charity in Calcutta provides an inside glimpse into Mother Teresa's life of service to the poor. Transformed by the experience, Poplin discovered how all of us can find our own places of meaningful work and service.

  • Biblical Interpretation: Past & Present

    Biblical Interpretation: Past & Present

    by Gerald L. Bray

    Gerald Bray sounds the call to draw biblical interpretation back to the heart of the church. Evangelical in perspective but ecumenical in both its historical breadth and its vision of the future, this introductory text is a comprehensive guide to biblical interpretation past and present that will benefit seminarians, pastors, teachers, and lay leaders alike.

  • Introducing Eastern Orthodox Theology

    Introducing Eastern Orthodox Theology

    by Andrew Louth

    With an estimated 250 million adherents, the Orthodox Church is the second largest Christian body in the world. This absorbing account of the essential elements of Eastern Orthodox thought deals with the Trinity, Christ, sin, humanity and creation as well as praying, icons, the sacraments and liturgy.

  • Light from the Christian East

    Light from the Christian East

    An Introduction to the Orthodox Tradition

    by James R. Payton Jr.

    James R. Payton, Jr. introduces us to Eastern Orthodox history, theology and practice. For all readers interested in ancient ecumenical Christian theology and spirituality, this book is especially open and sympathetic to what evangelicals can learn from orthodoxy.

  • In Search of Deep Faith

    In Search of Deep Faith

    A Pilgrimage into the Beauty, Goodness and Heart of Christianity

    by Jim Belcher

    Follow pastor Jim Belcher and his family as they take a pilgrimage through Europe, seeking substance for their faith in Christianity's historic, civilizational home. What they find, in places like Lewis's Oxford and Bonhoeffer's Germany, are glimpses of another kind of faith—one with power to cut through centuries and pierce our hearts today.

  • American Exceptionalism and Civil Religion

    American Exceptionalism and Civil Religion

    Reassessing the History of an Idea

    by John D. Wilsey
    Foreword by John Fea

    The idea of America's special place in history has been a guiding light for centuries. With thoughtful insight, John D. Wilsey traces the concept of exceptionalism, including its theological meaning and implications for civil religion. This careful history considers not only the abuses of the idea but how it can also point to constructive civil engagement and human flourishing.

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