• Bringing Sex into Focus

    Bringing Sex into Focus

    The Quest for Sexual Integrity

    by Caroline J. Simon

    In culture that exploits sex in everything from advertising to climbing the corporate ladder, it's easy to lose sight of the true purpose and place of sexuality. Philosopher and ethicist Caroline J. Simon identifies six "lenses" through which people understand sex and sexuality and provides clarity for developing a holistic, biblical sexual ethic.

  • Counseling and Christianity

    Counseling and Christianity

    Five Approaches

    Christian Association for Psychological Studies Books

    Edited by Stephen P. Greggo and Timothy A. Sisemore
    Foreword by Eric L. Johnson

    This book provides a forum for five major perspectives on the interface of Christianity and psychology to display their distinctions in a counseling context. Experts in each approach show how to assess, conceptualize, counsel and offer aftercare to a hypothetical client with a variety of complex issues.

  • The Message of Women

    The Message of Women

    by Derek Tidball and Dianne Tidball

    Derek and Dianne Tidball defuse the polemics surrounding gender in Christian witness with a refreshing firsthand look at the role of women in the Bible. Beginning with a distinction between creation and new creation perspectives, the authors examine women under the old covenant, women under the new covenant and women in the early church.

  • Partners in Christ

    Partners in Christ

    A Conservative Case for Egalitarianism

    by John G. Stackhouse Jr.

    When it comes to understanding what Scripture says about men and women, those on both sides of the debate can and do marshal strong evidence from the Bible. Does the Bible contradict itself then? Not so. John Stackhouse describes the single approach in Scripture that guides us with clear direction and moves us beyond the impasse in this important debate.

  • No Place for Abuse

    No Place for Abuse

    Biblical Practical Resources to Counteract Domestic Violence

    by Catherine Clark Kroeger and Nancy Nason-Clark

    In this thoroughly revised and updated edition, Catherine Clark Kroeger and Nancy Nason-Clark share with readers a further ten years of experience in listening to the voices of women from around the world and especially to those in the church. They help us hear their cries and find concrete ways to respond so that no home will be a place of abuse.

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