• Our Good Crisis

    Our Good Crisis

    Overcoming Moral Chaos with the Beatitudes

    by Jonathan K. Dodson

    Behind every crisis we read about in the news lurks a moral crisis—a crisis of goodness. To properly address these issues, Pastor Jonathan Dodson thinks we must be formed as people of moral goodness. In this wise and practical book, Dodson takes us back to the Beatitudes, examining each teaching in the context of the new morality in our society today and presenting a compelling portrait of the truly good life.

  • Discerning Ethics

    Discerning Ethics

    Diverse Christian Responses to Divisive Moral Issues

    Edited by Hak Joon Lee and Tim Dearborn
    Foreword by Mark Labberton

    The number of ethical issues that demand a response from Christians today is almost dizzying. How can Christians navigate such matters? With an unflinching yet irenic approach, this volume invites engagement with the biggest ethical issues by drawing on real-life experiences and offering a range of responses to some of the most challenging moral questions confronting the church today.

  • Old Testament Ethics: A Guided Tour

    Old Testament Ethics: A Guided Tour

    by John Goldingay

    How might we learn ethics from the Old Testament? Trusted guide John Goldingay urges us to let the Old Testament itself set the agenda. Topically organized with short, stand-alone chapters, this volume takes readers through the Old Testament's teaching about relationships, work, Sabbath, character, and more, featuring Goldingay's own translation and discussion questions for group use.

  • Just Business

    Just Business

    Christian Ethics for the Marketplace

    by Alec Hill

    In this third edition of a popular business ethics textbook, Alec Hill carefully explores the foundational Christian concepts of holiness, justice, and love, showing how some common responses to business ethics fall short of a fully Christian mindset. Updated throughout, this edition includes a new chapter on international business and uses penetrating case studies to clothe principles in concrete business situations.

  • Understanding Postmodernism

    Understanding Postmodernism

    A Christian Perspective

    by Stewart E. Kelly
    With James K. Dew Jr.

    In order for Christians to make wise decisions, we first need to understand our postmodern context. With wisdom and care, Stewart Kelly and James Dew compare fundamental postmodern principles with the gospel of Jesus Christ and the Christian faith, neither rejecting every postmodernist concern nor embracing every affirmation wholesale. Instead, we are encouraged to understand the postmodern world as we seek to mature spiritually in Christ.

  • Living Wisely with the Church Fathers

    Living Wisely with the Church Fathers

    by Christopher A. Hall

    Early Christians lived in a culture not unlike our own—in love with empire, infatuated with sex, tolerant of all gods but hostile to the One. Christopher Hall takes us back to that time, conversing with Christian leaders around the ancient Mediterranean world and exploring how this cloud of witnesses challenges us to live ethical lives as Christ followers.

  • Christian Ethics

    Christian Ethics

    Four Views

    Spectrum Multiview Book Series

    Edited by Steve Wilkens

    Steve Wilkens edits a conversation between four major approaches to contemporary ethics in the Christian tradition: virtue, divine command, natural law, and prophetic. This accessible introduction includes contributions by Brad Kallenberg, John Hare, Claire Peterson, and Peter Heltzel.

  • Becoming Good

    Becoming Good

    Building Moral Character

    by David W. Gill

    David Gill draws from ethical theory and Scripture to provide a strong biblical foundation for building moral character.

  • Pocket Dictionary of Ethics

    Pocket Dictionary of Ethics

    Over 300 Terms Ideas Clearly Concisely Defined

    The IVP Pocket Reference Series

    by Stanley J. Grenz and Jay T. Smith

    Stanley J. Grenz and Jay T. Smith define more than 300 terms related to Christian ethics, including ideas, issues, positions, thinkers, schools and specialties.

  • Ethics


    Approaching Moral Decisions

    Contours of Christian Philosophy

    by Arthur F. Holmes

    Arthur Holmes addresses the questions: What is good? What is right? How can we know? In this second edition, he also surveys a variety of approaches to ethics, including cultural relativism, emotivism, ethical egoism and utilitarianism—all with an acknowledgment of the new postmodern environment.

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