Discerning Ethics

Diverse Christian Responses to Divisive Moral Issues

Edited by Hak Joon Lee and Tim Dearborn

Discerning Ethics
  • Length: 324 pages
  • Published: February 25, 2020
  •  Forthcoming
  • ISBN: 978-0-8308-5272-7
  • Item Code: 5272
  • Case Quantity: 32

Racism. Immigration. Gun violence. Sexuality. Health care.

The number of ethical issues that demand a response from Christians today is almost dizzying. How can Christians navigate such matters? What are faithful responses to these questions?

Edited by two theologians with pastoral experience, this volume invites engagement with these issues and more by drawing on real-life experiences and offering a range of responses to some of the most challenging moral questions confronting the church today. With an unflinching yet irenic approach, this resource can help Christians as they seek to act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with God.


Foreword by Mark Labberton
Acknowledgments (Hak Joon Lee and Tim A. Dearborn)
Introduction (Hak Joon Lee)

Part One: Ethics of the Globe
1. Climate Change (Rebecca Shenton and John Mustol)
2. Poverty and Income Inequality (Seung Woo Lee)
3. Urban Degradation (Jessica Joustra)
4. Immigration (Joshua Beckett)

Part Two: Ethics of the Body
5. Access to Health Care (Brian White)
6. Abortion (Nick Brown)
7. Transgender (Jennifer McKinney)
8. Homosexuality and Sexual Identity (Matthew Jones)

Part Three: Ethics of Violence
9. Marginalization of Women (Laura Rector)
10. War, Nonviolence, and Just Peacemaking (Jacob Alan Cook)
11. Gun Violence (Nick Brown)
12. Mass Incarceration (Joshua Beckett)

Part Four: Ethics of Formation
13. Racism (Jeff Liou)
14. Disability (Bethany McKinney Fox)
15. Social and Entertainment Media (Justin Ariel Bailey)
16. Public Education (Ryan Michael Huber)

Afterword (Tim A. Dearborn)
Author and Subject Index
Scripture Index


Hak Joon Lee (PhD, Princeton Theological Seminary) is the Lewis B. Smedes professor of Christian ethics at Fuller Theological Seminary where he teaches in both master and doctoral levels and serves as chair of the department. He is copresident of G2G-KODIA Christian Education Center, a research institute on Asian American Christianity and culture. Through the center, he has published several contextually grounded curricula for Korean North American youth and their parents. He previously taught at New Brunswick Theological Seminary for thirteen years.

He is the author or editor of several books, including Intersecting Realities: Race, Identity, and Culture in the Spiritual-Moral Life of Young Asian Americans, The Great World House: Martin Luther King Jr. and Global Ethics, We Will Get to the Promised Land: Martin Luther King Jr.'s Communal-Political Spirituality, and Covenant and Communication: A Christian Moral Conversation with Jürgen Habermas. He is also the author of A Paradigm Shift in Korean Protestant Churches: A Road Map for Change and Renewal (in Korean), which was selected one of the most outstanding books of the year 2011 by the ministry of culture, sports, and tourism of South Korea.

BY Hak Joon Lee

Tim Dearborn (PhD, University of Aberdeen) is the former director of the Lloyd John Ogilvie Institute of Preaching at Fuller Theological Seminary. He also served for ten years as director for faith and development at World Vision International. He is the author of several books, including Short-Term Missions Workbook, Business as a Holy Calling?, and Beyond Duty: A Passion for Christ, a Heart for Mission.

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