• Praying the Scriptures

    Praying the Scriptures

    A Field Guide for Your Spiritual Journey

    by Evan B. Howard

    Evan B. Howard shows Christians how to recover and reap the rewards of the vital practice of praying from Scripture.

  • A Guidebook to Prayer

    A Guidebook to Prayer

    24 Ways to Walk with God

    by MaryKate Morse
    Foreword by Joshua Choonmin Kang

    Why is it so hard to master consistent and meaningful prayer? MaryKate Morse explores 24 pathways of prayer meant to give readers a vast array of ways to focus and reflect. Whether you are a beginner or a lifetime person of faith, you will find a treasure trove of riches here to guide you into a deeper experience of prayer.

  • Meditation and Communion with God

    Meditation and Communion with God

    Contemplating Scripture in an Age of Distraction

    by John Jefferson Davis

    John Jefferson Davis summons the resources of traditional biblical meditation for a culture lost in the cloud. He establishes the trinitarian view of God's real presence in Scripture and then ushers readers through three successive stages of meditation--consummating in a method for deep assimilation of the Christian worldview.

  • Renovation of the Church

    Renovation of the Church

    What Happens When a Seeker Church Discovers Spiritual Formation

    by Kent Carlson and Mike Lueken
    Foreword by Dallas Willard

    Copastors Kent Carlson and Mike Lueken tell the decade-long story of how God took their thriving, consumer-oriented church and transformed it into a modest congregation of unformed believers committed to the growth of the spirit—even when it meant a decline in numbers.

  • Teaching the Faith, Forming the Faithful

    Teaching the Faith, Forming the Faithful

    A Biblical Vision for Education in the Church

    by Gary A. Parrett and S. Steve Kang
    Foreword by J. I. Packer

    With the decline of traditional Sunday school and education programs in recent years, many Christians have not learned the fundamental doctrinal content of the faith. In this text Gary Parrett and Steve Kang set forth a thoroughly biblical vision for intentional teaching of the Christian faith that attends to both the content and process of educational and formational ministries.

  • Spiritual Disciplines Handbook

    Spiritual Disciplines Handbook

    Practices That Transform Us

    by Adele Ahlberg Calhoun

    Adele Calhoun's Spiritual Disciplines Handbook has become a standard for those who want to expand their knowledge of spiritual practices. Now this beloved resource has been revised throughout and expanded to include thirteen new disciplines along with a new preface by the author, giving us practical guidance in our continuing journey toward intimacy with Christ.

  • Opening to God

    Opening to God

    Lectio Divina and Life as Prayer

    by David G. Benner

    Spiritual director David Benner invites us to discover openness to God as the essence of prayer, spirituality and the Christian life. Using the four movements of lectio divina, Benner explores prayer as attending, pondering, responding and being. Along the way he opens us to a world of possibilities for communion with God: praying with our senses, with imagination, with music and creativity, in contemplation, in service and much more.

  • Noticing God

    Noticing God

    by Richard Peace

    Richard Peace unpacks what it means to make a conscious practice of noticing God in daily life. He explores the various ways people experience and recognize God's presence in mystical encounters, ordinary life, our hearts, through other people, through Scripture, nature and the church. God is present in our world. You can encounter him. Here's how.

  • Surrender to Love

    Surrender to Love

    Discovering the Heart of Christian Spirituality

    The Spiritual Journey

    by David G. Benner
    Foreword by M. Basil Pennington

    In this expanded edition of a spiritual formation classic, David G. Benner explores the twin themes of love and surrender as the heart of Christian spirituality. God doesn't want his people to respond to him out of fear or obligation, but invites us to enter into an authentic relationship of intimacy and devotion—by surrendering to love.

  • Listening to God in Times of Choice

    Listening to God in Times of Choice

    The Art of Discerning God's Will

    by Gordon T. Smith

    All Christians yearn to live at the center of God's will, but exactly how to discern his will is an elusive art. In response to the ideas of a divine blueprint or the wisdom school, Gordon T. Smith suggests that we develop discernment as a spiritual discipline. By stressing the personal aspects of growing in our relationship with God, we can understand his will, not just in times of crisis but throughout our daily lives.

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