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    God's Mediators

    A Biblical Theology of Priesthood

    New Studies in Biblical Theology

    by Andrew S. Malone
    Series Editor D. A. Carson

    There are many investigations of the Old Testament priests and the New Testament’s appropriation of such imagery for Jesus Christ. There are also studies of Israel’s corporate priesthood and what this means for the priesthood of God’s new covenant people. In this NSBT volume, Andrew S. Malone traces these two distinct threads and their intersection through Scripture with an eye to the contemporary Christian relevance.

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    Judges and Ruth

    Tyndale Old Testament Commentaries

    by Mary J. Evans

    The book of Judges presents Israel’s need for deliverance and God’s use of flawed leaders to guide his chosen people through a dark period of their history. The book of Ruth tells a smaller story within this narrative, showing God quietly at work in the lives of a few individuals. This replacement Tyndale commentary places each book in its historical and canonical context, examines key theological themes, and addresses issues facing readers today.

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    The Lost World of the Israelite Conquest

    Covenant, Retribution, and the Fate of the Canaanites

    The Lost World Series

    by John H. Walton and J. Harvey Walton

    Perhaps no biblical episode is more troubling than the conquest of Canaan. But do the so-called holy war texts of the Old Testament portray a divinely inspired genocide? John Walton and J. Harvey Walton take us on an archaeological dig, reframing our questions and excavating the layers of translation and interpretation that cloud our perception of these difficult texts.

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    Echoes of Exodus

    Tracing a Biblical Motif

    by Bryan D. Estelle

    Israel’s exodus from Egypt is the Bible’s enduring emblem of deliverance. But more than just an epic moment, the exodus shapes the telling of Israel’s and the church’s gospel. In this guide for biblical theologians, preachers, and teachers, Bryan Estelle traces the exodus motif as it weaves through the canon of Scripture, wedding literary readings with biblical-theological insights.

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    The IVP Concise Atlas of Bible History

    by Paul Lawrence
    Edited by Richard Johnson

    Like its large-format predecessor, Paul Lawrence's IVP Concise Atlas of Bible History uses full-color maps, time charts, diagrams and photographs to expose readers to the ancient biblical world uncovered by modern historians, geographers and archaeologists.

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    Israel and the Nations

    The History of Israel from the Exodus to the Fall of the Second Temple

    by F. F. Bruce and David F. Payne

    F. F. Bruce shapes the daunting complexities of Israel's history into straight prose that sparkles with clarity. This new edition, carefully revised by David F. Payne, includes new material and a revised bibliography.

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    The IVP Atlas of Bible History

    by Paul Lawrence
    Consulting Editor John H. Walton, A. R. Millard, and Heinrich Von Siebenthal

    Paul Lawrence takes a narrative approach in presenting this atlas, a rich resource of Bible history, geography and archaeology. The atlas traces the main events in the Old and New Testaments from Abraham to Paul. The text includes relief maps, photos, panoramic illustrations, site plans and battle plans.

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