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    The Epistles of 2 Corinthians and 1 Peter

    Newly Discovered Commentaries

    The Lightfoot Legacy Set

    by J. B. Lightfoot
    Edited by Ben Witherington III and Todd D. Still
    Assisted by Jeanette M. Hagen

    Recently discovered in the Durham Cathedral Library, J. B. Lightfoot's commentaries on the Epistles of 2 Corinthians and 1 Peter are of great significance to both church and academy. Carefully transcribed and edited, these texts give us a new appreciation for Lightfoot's contributions to biblical scholarship, completing the Lightfoot Legacy Set.

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    1 Corinthians

    New Testament Volume 9A

    Reformation Commentary on Scripture Series

    Edited by Scott M. Manetsch

    This volume of the Reformation Commentary on Scripture, edited by Scott Manetsch, provides Reformation-era biblical commentary on Paul's first letter to the church in Corinth. Drawing on Lutheran, Reformed, Anglican, Radical, and Roman Catholic resources, it reveals the richness of early modern biblical exegesis for the renewal of the church today.

  • 3934

    Paul Through Mediterranean Eyes

    Cultural Studies in 1 Corinthians

    by Kenneth E. Bailey

    In this groundbreaking study of Paul's first epistle to the Corinthians, Kenneth Bailey examines the canonical letter through Paul's Jewish socio-cultural and rhetorical background and through the Mediterranean context of its Corinthian recipients.

  • 3798

    Authentic Church

    True Spirituality in a Culture of Counterfeits

    by Vaughan Roberts

    Vaughan Roberts finds direction for today's church in Paul's first letter to the Corinthians. Ancient Corinth was a similarly confusing cultural landscape to our own, but in Paul's vision Roberts finds a path of wisdom that will help you choose the true spirituality of the gospel of Christ and become the authentic church God intends for you to be. Each chapter includes a Bible study.

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    2 Corinthians

    Tyndale New Testament Commentaries

    by Colin G. Kruse

    Paul's long, complicated history with the Corinthian church culminates in this ardent defense of Christian ministry in general and of his own ministry in particular. In this revised and expanded commentary, Colin Kruse illuminates Paul's contrast of the old and new covenants and his eloquent exposition of the ministry of reconciliation.

  • 4007

    1 Corinthians

    The IVP New Testament Commentary Series

    by Alan F. Johnson

    As Alan F. Johnson highlights in this excellent commentary, in the midst of the detailed, practical letter to a church in crisis that is 1 Corinthians, Paul has penned one of the greatest paeans to love ever written, and that is ultimately what we need to face the complex issues of our world today as well.

  • 4008

    2 Corinthians

    The IVP New Testament Commentary Series

    by Linda L. Belleville

    In this passage-by-passage commentary on 2 Corinthians, Linda Belleville shows how Paul's response to the commercial and hedonistic hotbed of Corinth can serve as model for all disciples who are confronted with a culture of individualism and materialism. Now in paper.

  • 1228

    The Message of 2 Corinthians

    The Bible Speaks Today Series

    by Paul W. Barnett

    Conflict had invaded the church of first-century Corinth. The future of the Christian community was at stake, the essence of Paul's ministry under fire. Paul Barnett shows us how 2 Corinthians addresses an issue that continues to challenge the church nineteen centuries later--how to proclaim the true gospel through authentic ministry.

  • 0297

    The Message of 1 Corinthians

    The Bible Speaks Today Series

    by David Prior

    Like modern-day cities, ancient Corinth had its problems. It's no surprise that the Corinthian church often failed in its efforts to create a new community that would challenge the snobbery and immorality of the surrounding culture. David Prior looks at Paul's first letter to his Corinthian friends and explores the implication of this message for local churches today.

  • 2492

    1-2 Corinthians

    Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture

    Edited by Gerald L. Bray

    Edited by Gerald Bray, this commentary highlights the wisdom of Paul's epistles to the Corinthian church as understood, intrepreted and celebrated by early church fathers such as Chrysostom, Didymus the Blind, Theodore of Mopsuestia, Origen, and Ambrosiaster.

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