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    The Myth of the American Dream

    Reflections on Affluence, Autonomy, Safety, and Power

    by D. L. Mayfield

    Affluence, autonomy, safety, and power—the central values of the American dream. But are they actually compatible with Jesus' command to love our neighbor as ourselves? In essays grouped around these four values, D. L. Mayfield asks us to pay attention to the ways they shape our own choices, and the ways those choices affect our neighbors.

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    Evangelical Theologies of Liberation and Justice

    Edited by Mae Elise Cannon and Andrea Smith

    Despite the current evangelical focus on justice work, evangelical theologians have not adequately developed a theological foundation for this activism. In this insightful resource, evangelical academics, activists, and pastors come together to survey the history and outlines of liberation theology, opening a conversation for developing a specifically evangelical view of liberation that speaks to the critical justice issues of our time.

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    Political Visions & Illusions

    A Survey & Christian Critique of Contemporary Ideologies

    by David T. Koyzis
    Foreword by Richard J. Mouw

    In this freshly updated, comprehensive study, political scientist David Koyzis surveys the key political ideologies of our era, unpacking the worldview issues inherent to each and pointing out essential strengths and weaknesses. Writing with broad international perspective, Koyzis is a sensible guide for Christians working in the public square, culture watchers, and all students of modern political thought.

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    In Search of the Common Good

    Christian Fidelity in a Fractured World

    by Jake Meador
    Foreword by Timothy Keller

    Common life in our society is in decline—our communities are disintegrating, our public discourse is hateful, and economic inequalities are widening. In this book, Jake Meador reclaims a vision of common life for our fractured times: a vision that doesn't depend on the destinies of our economies or our political institutions, but on our citizenship in a heavenly city. Only through that vision can we truly work together for the common good.

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    Reading Mark's Christology Under Caesar

    Jesus the Messiah and Roman Imperial Ideology

    by Adam Winn

    Did Mark write his Gospel in response to Roman imperial propaganda surrounding the destruction of Jerusalem? Adam Winn helps us rediscover how Mark might have been read by Christians in Rome during the aftermath of this cataclysmic event. He introduces us to the imperial propaganda of the Flavian emperors and excavates the Markan text for themes that address the Roman imperial setting.

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    Defending Constantine

    The Twilight of an Empire and the Dawn of Christendom

    by Peter J. Leithart

    Peter Leithart weighs what we've been taught about Constantine and claims that in focusing on these historical mirages we have failed to notice the true significance of Constantine and Rome baptized. He reveals how beneath the surface of this contested story there lies a deeper narrative--a tectonic shift in the political theology of an empire--with far-reaching implications.

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    Representing Christ

    A Vision for the Priesthood of All Believers

    by Uche Anizor and Hank Voss

    Traditionally associated with Protestantism, the doctrine of the priesthood of all believers is a genuinely Christian doctrine with important implications for the global church. In Representing Christ, Uche Anizor and Hank Voss explore the doctrine in its biblical, historical, theological and practical dimensions.

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    Jesus Is Lord, Caesar Is Not

    Evaluating Empire in New Testament Studies

    Edited by Scot McKnight and Joseph B. Modica
    Foreword by Andy Crouch

    This volume brings together respected biblical scholars to evaluate the turn toward "empire criticism" in recent New Testament scholarship. While praising the movement for its deconstruction of Roman statecraft and ideology, the contributors also provide a salient critique of the anti-imperialist rhetoric pervading much of the current literature.

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    Colossians Remixed

    Subverting the Empire

    by Brian J. Walsh and Sylvia C. Keesmaat

    Drawing together biblical scholarship with a passion for authentic lives that embody the gospel, this groundbreaking interpretation of Colossians from Brian J. Walsh and Sylvia C. Keesmaat provides us with tools to subvert the empire of our own context in a way that acknowledges the transforming power of Jesus Christ.

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    Evangelical Postcolonial Conversations

    Global Awakenings in Theology and Praxis

    Edited by Kay Higuera Smith, Jayachitra Lalitha, and L. Daniel Hawk

    This groundbreaking volume arose out of the Postcolonial Roundtable in 2010, with contributors addressing the intersection of postcolonialism and evangelicalism. Looking at themes like nationalism, mission, Christology, catholicity and shalom, this volume explores new possibilities for evangelical thought, identity and practice.

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