• Seeing by the Light

    Seeing by the Light

    Illumination in Augustine's and Barth's Readings of John

    Studies in Christian Doctrine and Scripture

    by Ike Miller

    How can we understand God's revelation to us? Exploring both Augustine's and Karl Barth's readings of the Johannine literature, Ike Miller casts a broader vision of divine illumination, arguing for a fully Trinitarian view of illumination that forms not just our intellect, but also appeals to the affections and encourages our ethical action.

  • Knowing God Through the Old Testament

    Knowing God Through the Old Testament

    Three Volumes in One

    by Christopher J.H. Wright

    Combining three volumes into one, Knowing God Through the Old Testament brings together three of Christopher J. H. Wright's best loved books: Knowing God the Father Through the Old Testament, Knowing Jesus Through the Old Testament, and Knowing the Holy Spirit Through the Old Testament.

  • Sculptor Spirit

    Sculptor Spirit

    Models of Sanctification from Spirit Christology

    by Leopoldo A. Sánchez M.
    Foreword by Oscar García-Johnson

    Like the work of an artist who molds a lump of clay, the Spirit's sanctifying work lies in shaping people into the image of Christ. Avoiding either a "Spirit-only" or a "Spirit-void" theology, Leopoldo Sánchez carefully crafts a Spirit Christology, which considers the role of God's Spirit in the life and mission of Jesus and leads to five distinct models of sanctification that can help Christians discern how the Spirit is at work in our lives.

  • Here in Spirit

    Here in Spirit

    Knowing the Spirit Who Creates, Sustains, and Transforms Everything

    by Jonathan K. Dodson

    Who is the Spirit? Is he a person or a spiritual force? How are we meant to relate to him? What does being filled with the Spirit look like? Instead of relating narrowly to the Holy Spirit based on just a few of his gifts, this book broadens our engagement with him, touring aspects of his vast character that often go unexplored. It turns out, living here in the Spirit is the source of the most meaningful, creative, satisfying life possible.

  • The Holy Spirit in Mission

    The Holy Spirit in Mission

    Prophetic Speech and Action in Christian Witness

    by Gary Tyra

    The church has been called to participate in God's mission in the world. But without a robust, biblical sense of the Spirit's action, how can we be sure we're fulfilling that call? In this innovative work of missional pneumatology, Gary Tyra synthesizes charismatic and evangelical perspectives to flesh out the nature and purpose of the church's preaching, proclamation and service.

  • Faith, Freedom and the Spirit

    Faith, Freedom and the Spirit

    The Economic Trinity in Barth, Torrance and Contemporary Theology

    by Paul D. Molnar

    Paul Molnar adds to his previous work on the immanent Trinity to consider divine and human interaction in faith and knowledge within history. He begins with the role of faith in knowing God through his incarnate Word, and thus through the Holy Spirit, seeing divine freedom as the basis for true human freedom.

  • Baptism and Fullness

    Baptism and Fullness

    The Work of the Holy Spirit Today

    IVP Classics

    by John Stott
    Foreword by Michael S. Horton

    The Holy Spirit continues to be at work around the world, as numerous renewal movements attest. Yet much confusion and controversy remain regarding the Holy Spirit's activity. In this classic study, John Stott provides clear biblical exposition on the promise, the fruit and the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

  • The Holy Spirit

    The Holy Spirit

    Contours of Christian Theology

    by Sinclair B. Ferguson

    Sinclair Ferguson explores the scriptural story of the Spirit in creation and redemption. In the Contours of Christian Theology.

  • Flame of Love

    Flame of Love

    A Theology of the Holy Spirit

    by Clark H. Pinnock

    In what may be regarded as his magnum opus, Clark Pinnock turns attention to the vital doctrine of the Holy Spirit in relation to other key doctrines such as the Trinity, creation, Christology and the church.

  • The Holy Spirit

    The Holy Spirit

    Works Gifts

    Christian Foundations

    by Donald G. Bloesch

    Donald G. Bloesch's wide-ranging and in-depth reflection on the presence, reality and ministry of the Holy Spirit serves as a landmark to those seeking a faithful theological understanding of the Holy Spirit.

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