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    Reading Mark's Christology Under Caesar

    Jesus the Messiah and Roman Imperial Ideology

    by Adam Winn

    Did Mark write his Gospel in response to Roman imperial propaganda surrounding the destruction of Jerusalem? Adam Winn helps us rediscover how Mark might have been read by Christians in Rome during the aftermath of this cataclysmic event. He introduces us to the imperial propaganda of the Flavian emperors and excavates the Markan text for themes that address the Roman imperial setting.

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    Approaching the Atonement

    The Reconciling Work of Christ

    by Oliver D. Crisp

    Theologian Oliver Crisp explores the meaning of the cross and the various ways that the death of Jesus has been interpreted in the church's history—from ransom theory in the early church to penal substitutionary theory to more recent feminist critiques. What emerges is a more complex, expansive, and fruitful understanding of the atonement and its significance for the Christian faith today.

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    The Messiah Comes to Middle-Earth

    Images of Christ's Threefold Office in The Lord of the Rings

    Hansen Lectureship Series

    by Philip Ryken

    Can The Lord of the Rings help us understand the Christian faith more deeply? From the inaugural Hansen Lectureship series, Wheaton College president Philip Ryken mines the riches of Tolkien’s theological imagination. In the characters of Gandalf, Frodo, and Aragorn, Ryken hears echoes of the one who is the true prophet, priest, and king, considering what that threefold office means for the calling of all Christians.

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    In Search of Christ in Latin America

    From Colonial Image to Liberating Savior

    by Samuel Escobar
    Foreword by C. René Padilla

    Noted theologian Samuel Escobar offers a magisterial survey and study of Christology in Latin America. Presented for the first time in English, this rich resource starts with the first Spanish influence and moves through popular religiosity and liberationist themes in Catholic and Protestant thought of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, culminating in an important description of the work of the Latin American Theological Fraternity.

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    Tyndale New Testament Commentaries

    by Colin G. Kruse

    Among the Gospels, John's is unique in both structure and content. Ultimately, faith in Jesus is at the center—with signs highlighted to provoke faith and stories of those who responded to Jesus as examples of faith. In this replacement Tyndale commentary Colin Kruse ably reveals how the Fourth Gospel weaves its themes of belief and unbelief into its rich Christology.

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    Jesus the Messiah

    A Survey of the Life of Christ

    by Robert H. Stein

    In this accessible introduction to Jesus Christ, Robert Stein draws together the results of a career of research and writing on Jesus and the Gospels. Now in paperback, this classic textbook is clearly written, ably argued, and geared to the needs of students, giving probing minds a sure grounding in the life and ministry of Jesus.

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    The Analogy of Faith

    The Quest for God's Speakability

    Strategic Initiatives in Evangelical Theology

    by Archie J. Spencer

    If God is transcendent, how can human beings speak meaningfully about him? The answer lies in analogy, which recognizes both similarity and dissimilarity between God and our God-talk. In his erudite study, Archie Spencer argues for a christological account of analogy as the answer to the problem of God's speakability.

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    The Work of Christ

    Contours of Christian Theology

    by Robert Letham

    Robert Letham explores the issues of Christ and the Word of God, the nature and theories of the atonement, and the cosmic and corporate dimensions of the mediatorial kingship of Christ. In the Contours of Christian Theology.

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    The Earliest Christologies

    Five Images of Christ in the Postapostolic Age

    by James L. Papandrea

    In this clear and concise introduction to second-century christologies, James Papandrea sets out five of the principal images of Christ that dominated the postapostolic age. Between varieties of adoptionism and brands of gnosticism, Papandrea helps us see how Logos Christology was forged as the beginning of the church's orthodox confession.

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    Recovering the Scandal of the Cross

    Atonement in New Testament and Contemporary Contexts

    by Mark D. Baker and Joel B. Green

    Since its publication in 2000, Recovering the Scandal of the Cross has provoked thought among evangelicals about the nature of the atonement and how it should be expressed in today's various global contexts. In this second edition Green and Baker have clarified and enlarged the text to ensure its ongoing critical relevance.

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