• Seeking Church

    Seeking Church

    Emerging Witnesses to the Kingdom

    Missiological Engagements

    by Darren T. Duerksen and William A. Dyrness

    New expressions of church, including so-called insider movements, are proliferating among non-Christian religious communities worldwide. Drawing on the growing social-scientific work on emergent theory, Darren Duerksen and William Dyrness explore how all Christian movements have been and are engaged in a "reverse hermeneutic," where the gospel is read and interpreted through existing cultural and religious norms.

  • A Guide to New Religious Movements

    A Guide to New Religious Movements

    Edited by Ronald M. Enroth

    Sociologist Ronald Enroth and a team of expert contributors provide an accessible handle on the key religious movements of our day, from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the Jehovah's Witnesses to contemporary versions of Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam.

  • What Mormons Believe

    What Mormons Believe

    by Robert M. Bowman Jr.

    Leading with a synopsis of former governor Mitt Romney?s Mormon heritage, Robert M. Bowman Jr. introduces the Church of Latter-day Saints (LDS) for a curious American public. Bowman?s judicious overview tells the history of LDS from Joseph Smith to the present and summarizes the unique tenets of faith arising from the Book of Mormon.

  • How Wide the Divide?

    How Wide the Divide?

    A Mormon an Evangelical in Conversation

    by Craig L. Blomberg and Stephen E. Robinson

    Craig Blomberg and Stephen Robinson examine the agreements and disagreements between evangelicalism and Mormonism, focusing on Scripture, God, Christ, the Trinity and salvation.

  • Talking Doctrine

    Talking Doctrine

    Mormons and Evangelicals in Conversation

    Edited by Richard J. Mouw and Robert L. Millet

    A group of Mormon and evangelical scholars undertook a remarkable journey over fifteen years to discuss differences and investigate possible common ground in their beliefs. With both candor and generosity, these essays reflect the thoughtful, respectful and nuanced engagements on some of the most controversial topics that have inflamed passions in the past.

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