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    Body & Soul

    Human Nature the Crisis in Ethics

    by J. P. Moreland and Scott B. Rae

    The rise of science has called into question the existence of the soul, and even many Christian intellectuals view the soul as an outdated and unbiblical concept. J. P. Moreland and Scott B. Rae present a vigorous philosophical and ethical defense of human nature as body and soul, examining Christian dualism as it impinges on critical ethical concerns.

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    Minds, Brains, Souls and Gods

    A Conversation on Faith, Psychology and Neuroscience

    by Malcolm Jeeves

    In this hypothetical correspondence, Malcolm Jeeves urges Christian students to enter the brave new world of neuroscience ready to have their faith examined and their experiences of God put to the test. When we do this, he argues, being mindful of oversimplifications as we go, the integration of Christianity and psychology becomes possible.

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    The Gift of Being Yourself

    The Sacred Call to Self-Discovery

    The Spiritual Journey

    by David G. Benner
    Foreword by M. Basil Pennington

    In the expanded edition of this profound exploration of Christian identity, David G. Benner illuminates the spirituality of self-discovery. He exposes the false selves that you may hide behind and calls you to discover the true self that emerges from your uniqueness in Christ. Deepen your experience of God through discovering the gift of being yourself.

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    The Biology of Sin

    Grace, Hope and Healing for Those Who Feel Trapped

    by Matthew S. Stanford

    Focusing on adultery, rage, addiction, and homosexuality, neuroscientist Matthew Stanford explores what role biological predispositions play in behavior that the Bible defines as sinful.

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