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    Rethinking Incarceration

    Advocating for Justice That Restores

    by Dominique DuBois Gilliard

    The United States has more people locked up in jails, prisons, and detention centers than any other country in the history of the world. Exploring the history and foundations of mass incarceration, Dominique Gilliard examines Christianity’s role in its evolution and expansion, assessing justice in light of Scripture, and showing how Christians can pursue justice that restores and reconciles.

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    Unsettling Truths

    The Ongoing, Dehumanizing Legacy of the Doctrine of Discovery

    by Mark Charles and Soong-Chan Rah

    ★ PW Starred Review: "This sobering critique presents a disturbing yet welcome analysis of how the Doctrine of Discovery has split American church and society along racial lines…"
    You cannot discover lands already inhabited. In this prophetic blend of history, theology, and cultural commentary, Mark Charles and Soong-Chan Rah reveal the damaging effects of the "Doctrine of Discovery," which institutionalized American triumphalism and white supremacy. This book calls our nation and churches to a truth-telling that will expose past injustices and open the door to conciliation and true community.

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    Early Libyan Christianity

    Uncovering a North African Tradition

    Early African Christianity Set

    by Thomas C. Oden

    Thomas C. Oden reaches back to the earliest days of Christianity to uncover a fertile North African community nearly lost to posterity. Set against this vibrant scene in Libya, well known figures like Tertullian and Sabellius are seen in a new light while lesser known martyrs and bishops find their rightful place in Christian history.

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    Diverse Worship

    African-American, Caribbean and Hispanic Perspectives

    by Pedrito U. Maynard-Reid

    Pedrito Maynard-Reid explores the multiethnic dimensions of worship by looking at African American, Caribbean and Hispanic contexts of worship.

  • 2256

    More Than Equals

    Racial Healing for the Sake of the Gospel

    by Spencer Perkins and Chris Rice

    Spencer Perkins and Chris Rice set out a bold, practical plan for racial reconciliation which has as its motivation more than harmonious living--namely, a witness to the truth and power of the gospel.

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    The Hip-Hop Church

    Connecting with the Movement Shaping Our Culture

    by Efrem Smith and Phil Jackson
    Foreword by Bakari Kitwana and Alton B. Pollard III

    Pastors Efrem Smith and Phil Jackson show the urgency of connecting hip-hop culture and church to reach a generation with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

  • 3732

    The Soul of Hip Hop

    Rims, Timbs and a Cultural Theology

    by Daniel White Hodge

    What is hip hop? It's a cultural movement with a traceable theological center. Daniel White Hodge follows the tracks of hip-hop theology and offers a path from its center to the cross, where Jesus speaks truth.

  • 3253

    King Came Preaching

    The Pulpit Power of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

    by Dr. Mervyn A. Warren
    Foreword by Gardner C. Taylor

    Mervyn Warren offers you a journey into the preaching of Martin Luther King Jr. in this homiletical biography exploring King's sermons, use of language, delivery and more. Now in paper.

  • 3933

    The African Memory of Mark

    Reassessing Early Church Tradition

    Early African Christianity Set

    by Thomas C. Oden

    Thomas Oden calls for a radical reassessment of early church tradition by directing our attention to Africa, where a memory of St. Mark survives as the North African founder of the church in Alexandria. The result is an illuminating portrait that challenges long-standing assumptions in the West.

  • 3705

    How Africa Shaped the Christian Mind

    Rediscovering the African Seedbed of Western Christianity

    Early African Christianity Set

    by Thomas C. Oden

    Thomas C. Oden surveys the decisive role of African Christians and theologians in shaping the doctrines and practices of the church of the first five centuries, and makes an impassioned plea for the rediscovery of that heritage. Christians throughout the world will benefit from this reclaiming of an important heritage.

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