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    Pocket Dictionary of Christian Spirituality

    The IVP Pocket Reference Series

    by Don Thorsen

    This pocket dictionary is an A to Z introduction and resource for curious newcomers and novice students of spirituality. Don Thorsen charts the Christian spiritual pilgrimage through its many traditions, schools of thought, and tested practices. Among the over 300 definitions you'll find terms and ideas, traditions and movements, practices and rituals, and texts and theology.

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    An Explorer's Guide to Julian of Norwich

    Explorer's Guides

    by Veronica Mary Rolf

    Julian of Norwich's Revelations of Divine Love is truly an astounding work: an inspiring example of Christian mysticism, a unique contribution to Christian theology, the first book in English known to have been written by a woman. Veronica Mary Rolf guides us as we read, examining its fourteenth-century context and illuminating our understanding of this enduring work.

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    Living the Christian Year

    Time to Inhabit the Story of God

    by Bobby Gross

    Bobby Gross presents chapters on each season of the liturgical year, accompanied by weekly devotions based on the Sunday readings of the lectionary cycle. His book offers a flexible weekly format, designed to let you break the devotions down any way you want to.

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    Formed for the Glory of God

    Learning from the Spiritual Practices of Jonathan Edwards

    by Kyle C. Strobel

    Kyle Strobel mines the work of Jonathan Edwards in search of the Puritan minister?s personal vision for spiritual development. "In Edwards," Strobel writes, "we find a grasp of spiritual formation that tries to balance deep thought with deep passion . . . a life of love with the contemplation of divine things."

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    Journey with Jesus

    Discovering the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius

    by Larry Warner

    In Journey with Jesus, spiritual director Larry Warner guides us through the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius, similar to the way he's been leading people through them in person. Ignatius wanted to help everyone, no matter what age or stage of life, experience Jesus. Through prayers and Scripture readings that largely focus on the life of Christ, the Spiritual Exercises that have been so powerful and growth-inducing for so many, including Warner, can be a tool for transformation in you as well.

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    The Way Is Made by Walking

    A Pilgrimage Along the Camino de Santiago

    by Arthur Paul Boers
    Foreword by Eugene H. Peterson

    Pilgrimage is a spiritual discipline not many consider. In these pages Arthur Paul Boers describes his month-long journey on the Camino de Santiago in Spain, a classic pilgrimage route that ends at the cathedral where St. James is buried, opening to us his incredible story of renewed spirituality springing from an old, old path walked by millions before.

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    Spiritual Freedom Beyond Our Appetites

    by Lynne M. Baab

    Lynne Baab explains an ancient Christian practice that extends beyond giving up food to any regular activity in our contemporary lives. You'll see how taking a break from eating--or driving, or checking e-mail, or watching television--opens us up to discover new things about ourselves and God and the world around us.

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    Journaling as a Spiritual Practice

    Encountering God Through Attentive Writing

    by Helen Cepero

    Helen Harmelink Cepero looks at how we can use journal writing to enhance and support other disciplines such as discernment, self-understanding, attention to God, prayer and more.

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    Scripture by Heart

    Devotional Practices for Memorizing God's Word

    by Joshua Choonmin Kang
    Foreword by Dallas Willard

    Memorizing Scripture can seem overwhelming—like one more task on a checklist. But pastor Joshua Choonmin Kang has discovered what happens when we do spend time memorizing God's Word: we grasp a larger, truer picture of God. Pastor Kang also knows that memorizing Scripture isn't easy. In these thirty short devotional readings he helps us grow in this important practice.

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    Meditation and Communion with God

    Contemplating Scripture in an Age of Distraction

    by John Jefferson Davis

    John Jefferson Davis summons the resources of traditional biblical meditation for a culture lost in the cloud. He establishes the trinitarian view of God's real presence in Scripture and then ushers readers through three successive stages of meditation--consummating in a method for deep assimilation of the Christian worldview.

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