• Two Testaments, One Bible

    Two Testaments, One Bible

    The Theological Relationship Between the Old and New Testaments

    by David L. Baker

    David L. Baker outlines the problem of the relationship between the Testaments, surveys the relevant history of interpretation, critically examines four main approaches and considers four key themes. This new edition has been thoroughly revised, updated and expanded.

  • According to Plan

    According to Plan

    The Unfolding Revelation of God in the Bible

    by Graeme Goldsworthy

    Concise, pithy chapters with dozens of charts, highlighted summaries and study questions make Graeme Goldsworthy's introductory text enormously useful for understanding how the Bible fits together as the unfolding story of God's plan for salvation.

  • One Bible, Many Versions

    One Bible, Many Versions

    Are All Translations Created Equal?

    by Dave Brunn

    Dave Brunn has been an international Bible translator for many years. Here he divulges the inner workings of translation practice to help us sort out the many competing claims for superiority among English Bible translations. His professional assessments and conclusions will be a great help to all seeking truth in translation.

  • A Student's Guide to Textual Criticism of the Bible

    A Student's Guide to Textual Criticism of the Bible

    Its History, Methods and Results

    by Paul D. Wegner

    In plain language and with ample illustration, Paul D. Wegner presents an overview of the history and methods, aims and results of textual criticism of the whole Bible--the Hebrew Old Testament and the Greek New Testament. You will gain an appreciation for the vast work that has been accomplished in preserving the text of Scripture and find a renewed confidence in its reliability.

  • The Temple and the Church's Mission

    The Temple and the Church's Mission

    A Biblical Theology of the Dwelling Place of God

    New Studies in Biblical Theology

    by G. K. Beale
    Series Editor D. A. Carson

    In this comprehensive study, a New Studies in Biblical Theology volume, G. K. Beale traces the theme of the tabernacle and temple across the storyline of Scripture, illuminating many texts and connections with related themes such as Eden, the cosmos, God's presence and Christ and his people.

  • A Week in the Life of Corinth

    A Week in the Life of Corinth

    A Week in the Life Series

    by Ben Witherington III

    In this work of historical fiction, Ben Witherington III provides a one of kind window into the social and cultural context of Paul's ministry.

  • Misquoting Truth

    Misquoting Truth

    A Guide to the Fallacies of Bart Ehrman's "Misquoting Jesus"

    by Timothy Paul Jones

    In clear, concise prose, Timothy Paul Jones takes on Bart Ehrman's misleading conclusions about how we got the New Testament, how the New Testament documents have been transmitted and what kind of diversity existed among early Christians.

  • The Blessing of Africa

    The Blessing of Africa

    The Bible and African Christianity

    by Keith Augustus Burton

    Keith A. Burton traces the story of biblical Africa and the place of the Bible in the land of Ham. He ends with an examination of the modern era and the achievements of African Christianity. This invigorating work places the story of the Bible and African Christianity in a wider global context and challenges readers to think differently about history and the biblical world.

  • From Every People and Nation

    From Every People and Nation

    A Biblical Theology of Race

    New Studies in Biblical Theology

    by J. Daniel Hays
    Series Editor D. A. Carson

    With this careful, nuanced exegetical volume in the New Studies in Biblical Theology, J. Daniel Hays provides a clear theological foundation for life in contemporary multiracial cultures and challenges churches to pursue racial unity in Christ.

  • The IVP Atlas of Bible History

    The IVP Atlas of Bible History

    by Paul Lawrence
    Consulting Editor John H. Walton, A. R. Millard, and Heinrich Von Siebenthal

    Paul Lawrence takes a narrative approach in presenting this atlas, a rich resource of Bible history, geography and archaeology. The atlas traces the main events in the Old and New Testaments from Abraham to Paul. The text includes relief maps, photos, panoramic illustrations, site plans and battle plans.

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