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    The Messianic Vision of the Pentateuch

    by Kevin S. Chen

    Did Moses write about Jesus? Kevin Chen challenges the common view of the Pentateuch as focused primarily on the Mosaic Law, arguing instead that it sets forth a coherent, sweeping vision of the Messiah as the center of its theological message. Building on the work of John Sailhamer, Chen provides a fascinating study and an exegetical basis for a Christ-centered biblical theology.

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    The Liturgy of Creation

    Understanding Calendars in Old Testament Context

    by Michael LeFebvre
    Foreword by C. John Collins

    How were holidays chosen and taught in biblical Israel, and what did they have to do with the creation narrative? Michael LeFebvre considers the calendars of the Pentateuch, arguing that dates were added to Old Testament narratives not as journalistic details but to teach sacred rhythms of labor and worship. LeFebvre then applies this insight to the creation week, finding that the days of creation also serve a liturgical purpose.

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    Tyndale Old Testament Commentaries

    by Gordon J. Wenham

    In ancient times numbers were seen as mysterious and symbolic. Today they are associated with computers and depersonalization. To bridge this gulf, Gordon Wenham explains the background of Numbers, discussing its structure, sources, date, authorship, theology and Christian use. Includes a passage-by-passage analysis of Old Testament ritual.

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    The Message of Numbers

    Journey to the Promised Land

    The Bible Speaks Today Series

    by Raymond Brown

    Raymond Brown highlights the rich theological themes of Numbers, untangles its meaning for today's readers and shows its enduring relevance for God's people.

  • 1781

    Dictionary of the Old Testament: Pentateuch

    A Compendium of Contemporary Biblical Scholarship

    The IVP Bible Dictionary Series

    Edited by T. Desmond Alexander and David W. Baker

    Exploring the major themes and issues of the Pentateuch, this encyclopedic work offers authoritative overviews, detailed examinations and new insights from the world of the ancient Near East. Edited by T. Desmond Alexander and David W. Baker.

  • 2905

    Homilies on Numbers

    Ancient Christian Texts

    by Origen
    Translated by Thomas P. Scheck
    Edited by Christopher A. Hall

    Origen was one of the most influential pre-Nicene church fathers, whose exegetical method shaped much of subsequent interpretation of the Old Testament. Some of his theological speculations were condemned in the 6th cenutry, but his influence as a Christian scholar and Old Testament exegete remain undiminished. This book offers a fresh, contemporary translation of Origen's 28 homilies on the book of Numbers.

  • 1473

    Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy

    Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture

    Edited by Joseph T. Lienhard

    Varied in texture and nuance, the interpreters included in this commentary on Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy and edited by Joseph T. Lienhard display a treasure house of ancient wisdom that speaks with eloquence and intellectual acumen to the church today.

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