• 3428

    In Search of a Confident Faith

    Overcoming Barriers to Trusting in God

    by J. P. Moreland and Klaus Issler

    Emphasizing that our trust in God will grow exponentially when we have come to understand the true nature of faith, J. P. Moreland and Klaus Issler identify the intellectual, emotional, relational, experiential and even theological barriers to mature faith.

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    Know Why You Believe

    by Paul E. Little
    Revised by Marie Little

    Do science and Scripture conflict? Are miracles possible? Is Christian experience real? Why does God allow suffering and evil? In this classic answerbook on Christian faith, Paul E. Little responds to the twelve most common intellectual challenges posed to Christians.

    Number of Studies: 12

  • 3423

    Know What You Believe

    by Paul E. Little
    Foreword by James F. Nyquist

    What does Christianity have to do with anything? What does the Christian faith teach about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit? With these and other core questions, bestselling author Paul Little explains ten bottom-line truths of Christianity to help you understand what God has done to bring us into a relationship with him through Jesus Christ.

    Number of Studies: 10

  • 2451

    New Dictionary of Christian Apologetics

    Edited by Gavin McGrath and W. C. Campbell-Jack
    Consulting Editor C. Stephen Evans

    Here is a must-have resource for professors and students, pastors, and any Christian who wishes to understand or develop a rational explanation of the Christian faith in the context of today's complex and ever-changing world. This handy dictionary is packed with hundreds of articles that cover the key topics, historic figures, and contemporary global issues relating to the study and practice of Christian apologetics.

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    Christian Apologetics

    A Comprehensive Case for Biblical Faith

    by Douglas Groothuis

    In this systematic text, Douglas Groothuis makes a comprehensive apologetic case for Christian theism. He defends objective truth, presents the key arguments for God from natural theology and makes a case for the credibility of Jesus, the incarnation and the resurrection, assessing alternative views along the way.

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