Know Why You Believe, By Paul E. Little
Know Why You Believe
  • Length: 231 pages
  • Dimensions: 5.5 × 8.25 in
  • Number of Studies: 12
  • Published: February 22, 2008
  • Imprint: IVP
  • Item Code: 3422
  • ISBN: 9780830834228

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"After 2,000 years, no question is going to bring Christianity crashing."

Do science and Scripture conflict? Are miracles possible? Is Christian experience real? Why does God allow suffering and evil?

These are just a few of the twelve most common intellectual challenges to faith that Paul E. Little encountered during his twenty-five years of speaking and teaching in the university. These questions need solid answers, and that's what a million people have already found in this clear and reasonable response to the toughest questions posed to Christian belief.

Sprinkling in a few "sure-fire jokes" and other humorous illustrations, Little uses these questions to jog readers' thinking and help them examine their present worldviews, ranging from scientific determinism to rabid existentialism. By thinking through the most common challenges to Christian faith, believers will be prepared to answer others out of the wellspring of their own certainty.

This edition, revised and updated by Marie Little in consultation with experts in science and archaeology, provides twenty-first-century information and offers solid ground for those who are willing to search for truth. Including a study guide for individuals or groups, Know Why You Believe is the classic answerbook on Christian faith.

"As a student, I love Paul's teaching. As an apologist, I am grateful for his impact. Know Why You Believe is a valuable piece of work."

Ravi Zacharias

"Paul Little gives brightly understandable answers to questions about biblical Christianity. He shows there is a reasonable base to believe that Jesus Christ offers to give us connection to the living God."

Josh McDowell

"I've worn out multiple copies of this book and lost count of how many I've given away to seekers and new believers. It's a classic."

Bill Hybels

"Scholarly, articulate, simple."

Billy Graham

"When I lost my childhood faith, I needed a book like Paul Little's Know Why You Believe."

Kenneth Kantzer

"Shortly after my conversion in 1968 I was given a copy of Know Why You Believe, and it was what sparked my own lifelong interest in Christian apologetics. Through the years its quality has been demonstrated by its longevity. Now in this updated and expanded version, Paul Little's book can continue to provide hope and help to a new generation of truth-seekers."

J. P. Moreland, professor of philosophy, Talbot School of Theology, Biola University, and author of Scaling the Secular City: A Defense of Christianity

One of the "Top 50 Books That Have Shaped Evangelicals"

Christianity Today, October 2006

"This book canters brightly through the border-country between conviction and questioning."

The Methodist Recorder


Foreword by James F. Nyquist
Introduction: How This Book Began
1. Is Christianity Rational?
2. Is There a God?
3. Is Christ God?
4. Did Christ Rise from the Dead?
5. Is the Bible God's Word?
6. Are the Bible Documents Reliable?
7. Does Archaeology Verify Scripture?
8. Are Miracles Possible?
9. Do Science Scripture Agree?
10. Why Does God Allow Suffering Evil?
11. Does Christianity Differ from Other World Religions?
12. Is Christian Experience Valid?
Study Questions


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Paul E. Little

Paul E. Little worked for twenty-five years with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship and was also associate professor of evangelism at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Illinois. His bestselling books include Know Why You Believe and Know What You Believe.