Christian Books for Hope and Healing

We all struggle with our mental health. For some of us, depression and anxiety are daily realities but for others, mental health struggles might come up in response to a death of a loved one or a family member experience addiction or illness. Whatever prioritizing mental health means to you, these books will be a resource to you along your journey. Here, you'll find books on topics like abuse, trauma, addiction and recovery, grief, depression, anxiety, psychology, and counseling. Whether you are a mental health practictioner seeking to deepen your practice, a pastor looking to strengthen your church or ministry's competency in mental health, or simply a person looking for guidance or a reminder that you aren't alone, you'll find the support you need right here.

Are you wondering how you can invite God into your mental health journey? Read this article by Diana Gruver, author of Companions in the Darkness.

John H. Coe and Todd W. Hall
William M. Struthers
Kim Gaines Eckert
Alex Gee
Everett L. Worthington Jr.
W. Bingham Hunter
Jack Kuhatschek
9 Sessions
Kay Marshall Strom
Judith Allen Shelly
Ken M. Blue