No Stones: Women Redeemed from Sexual Addiction, By Marnie C. Ferree

No Stones

Women Redeemed from Sexual Addiction

by Marnie C. Ferree
Foreword by Mark Laaser

No Stones
  • Length: 276 pages
  • Dimensions: 6 × 9 in
  • Published: February 25, 2010
  • Imprint: IVP
  • Item Code: 3740
  • ISBN: 9780830837403

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In this book Marnie C. Ferree offers a unique resource for women struggling with sexual addiction. Taking her book's title from the parable where Jesus extends grace to the woman caught in adultery, Ferree bravely shares her own story of sexual addiction, recalling her years of shame from living a double life and the moment when she ultimately had to tell the truth. But more than just offering her story as a hopeful example of God's transforming power, Ferree distills her clinical expertise on female sexual addiction accessibly and gently, providing a much-needed resource for women struggling with any degree of relational or sexual addiction. Ferree details the roots of addiction in family trauma and offers clear-eyed advice as both a counselor and a "grateful recovering sex addict" on how to achieve sobriety and healing.

Written by a counselor who understands the condition from the inside out, No Stones offers practical help for those battling sexual addiction. It also includes a specific chapter for anyone in close relationship with an addict, whether a spouse, family member, or friend, who wants to come alongside women as they seek help. Important for pastors and church leaders, this book will also be a much sought-after resource for Christian counselors and therapists counseling women who grapple with this type of addiction.

"The historical absence of books written about female sexual addiction adds to the myth that sexual addiction is exclusively a 'men's issue.' No Stones attacks that myth while also filling the void in the literature by presenting an honest, comprehensive and compassionate examination of how women (and those who love and live with them) can move toward growth and healing from sexual addiction. To her great credit, Ferree does not oversimplify or offer quick fixes, but instead utilizes her own story, as well as those of the women she has counseled, to guide the way toward hope and recovery."

Kim Gaines Eckert, Psy.D., Wheaton College, author of Stronger Than You Think: Becoming Whole Without Having to Be Perfect

"Marnie Ferree masterfully and sensitively tackles what is often considered a taboo subject: female sexual addiction. In doing so, she also brings a depth and wealth of understanding of female sexuality and feminine identity in general. Her discussions are timely and will be of great value to women struggling in hiddenness and shame. This book is also a must for clergy and counselors who want to effectively support women seeking greater healing and wholeness in the realm of sexuality and relationships."

Janelle Hallman, M.A., LPC, author of The Heart of Female Same-Sex Attraction

"This brave and highly original book challenges readers to question their long-held religious views about women's sexuality. Marnie's courage in describing her own difficult sexual and family history powerfully illustrates the shame and pain felt by women who are sexually addicted. No Stones will make it easier for troubled Christian women to seek the help they need."

Jennifer Schneider, M.D., addiction specialist, and author of Back from Betrayal and Sex, Lies, and Forgiveness: Couples Speak on Healing from Sex Addiction

"There has been a vacuum of information available for female sex addicts. This courageous book integrates sound mental health principles with biblical and spiritual truths. I will certainly recommend No Stones."

Ralph H. Earle, Ph.D., author of Lonely All the Time, and past president of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists

"No Stones is destined to be a resource of immense value in helping female sex addicts (and those who care about them). Marnie writes passionately and vulnerably. She offers help without being condescending. She stresses personal accountability without being judgmental. I thank her for exploring such an important subject in such a candid, skillful and tender way."

Rubel Shelly, Ph.D., former preaching minister, Woodmont Hills Church of Christ, author, ethicist

"Finally, there is a book written for women strugglers. I found hope and healing in these pages. No Stones is written with great sensitivity, empathy, vulnerability and wisdom by someone who understands the struggle firsthand. Now I know I?m not alone."

Beth, recovering female sex addict

"We have long needed a practical guide for women and sex addiction. Well written by a woman who has been there."

Patrick Carnes, Ph.D., author of Out of the Shadows and Don't Call It Love

"Marnie Ferree is a pioneer in the field of women?s sexual addiction recovery, and this is a pioneering work destined to become a standard."

Mark R. Laaser, Ph.D., author; and executive director, American Association of Christian Counselors' Institute for Healthy Sexuality

"A must-have resource for pastoral counselors, pastors to women, directors of women's ministry and anyone who seeks to know more about sexual addiction, particularly as it manifests in women."

Annie A. Lockhart, YouthWorker Journal, November/December 2010

"In the first major Christian-published book on the topic, Marnie Ferree blows to bits easy assumptions about who gets addicted and why. Blessedly pratical and deeply biblical, No Stones gives women--and their husbands and counselors--tools to break the cycle and the hope of finding real intimacy."

Katelyn Beaty, Christianity Today, May 2010


Foreword by Mark Laaser, Ph.D.
Letter to the Reader from Elizabeth Anne Ferree
Introduction: Marnie and David Ferree?s Story

Part One: The Problem - Woman Caught in Adultery
1 The Secret Sin of Sexual Addiction
2 Messages about Being Female
3 Definition of Addiction
4 Female Presentations of Sex Addiction
5 Consequences and Cycle of Addiction
6 Diagnosis of Sex Addiction

Part Two: The Root - Sins of the Fathers and Mothers
7 Unhealthy Families
8 Trauma of Abuse
9 Trauma of Abandonment
10 Long-lasting Effects of Trauma
11 Addicts? Core Beliefs, Emotions and Coping

Part Three: The Solution - Woman at the Well
12 Surrender and Sobriety
13 Disclosure to Husband and Children
14 Healthy Relationships
15 Tools of Recovery
16 Healing from Trauma
17 For Husbands and Others (Including Clinicians)
18 Living Happily Ever After

Twelve Steps of Sexaholics Anonymous
Characteristics of a Sex and Love Addict
About the Author
About Bethesda Workshops


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Marnie C. Ferree

Marnie C. Ferree (M.A., Trevecca Nazarene University), is a licensed marriage and family therapist. She is director of Bethesda Workshops in Nashville, a clinical intensive treatment program for sex addicts, co-addicts, and couples. Ferree formally worked as a marriage and family therapist at Woodmont Hills Counseling Center in Nashville.