Trekking Toward Wholeness: A Resource for Care Group Leaders, By Stephen P. Greggo

Trekking Toward Wholeness

A Resource for Care Group Leaders

by Stephen P. Greggo

Trekking Toward Wholeness
  • Length: 293 pages
  • Published: September 23, 2008
  • Imprint: IVP Academic
  • Item Code: 2824
  • ISBN: 9780830828241

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Stephen Greggo offers an in-depth exploration of care group leadership from a Christian perspective. Care groups are worth pursuing because they can create a biblically grounded context for corrective healing relationships. Care group leaders engaged in pastoral care, counseling services or spiritual formation will catch a vision for how the core interpersonal process can be instrumental in reshaping character, redeeming relationships and realizing sanctification.

"Trekking Toward Wholeness is an innovative perspective on compassionate caring--with potential to become a classic guide for care group leaders. Weaving a tapestry of captivating anecdotes, thoughtful biblical reflection, theological insights, creative imagery, solid psychological principles, historical examples and the author's clinical experiences, Stephen Greggo's leader-guided approach sets a fresh new direction for both effective caregiving and personal-spiritual growth."

Gary R. Collins, author of Christian Counseling: A Comprehensive Guide

"This book fills a notable gap in the literature. Writing out of a framework obviously grounded in Scripture, Greggo explains for lay Christians and pastors the psychological value of small group ministry that aims at personal-spiritual transformation. This will be especially useful in training programs for small group leaders."

Eric L. Johnson, associate professor of pastoral theology, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and author of Foundations for Soul Care

"The power of community is brought forth in Steve Greggo's book. For those who aspire to lead groups in the difficult trek of spiritual growth, personal maturity and Christian discipleship, this provides clear direction. I heartily endorse Trekking Toward Wholeness for pastors, counselors and group leaders."

James N. Sells, professor and director, Ph.D. program in counseling, Regent University, and coauthor of Family Therapies: A Comprehensive Christian Appraisal

"This is a very helpful book for leaders of care groups. It beautifully integrates biblical insights, empirical research findings, group counseling principles and practices, and church history examples, including the significant contributions of John Wesley."

Siang-Yang Tan, professor of psychology, Fuller Theological Seminary, and senior pastor, First Evangelical Church Glendale

"Trekking Toward Wholeness sees Christian care groups as an essential component for stimulating spiritual growth. Using the imagery of the spiritual life as a journey (a trek), Stephen Greggo guides care group leaders through the four core principles of group spiritual direction: vision (determining the group's purpose), caring (meeting needs by managing community), affect/attachment (nurturing intimacy in relationships), and finding meaning (union with God, fellowship with Christians and service to the world). Professors, students, pastors and committed lay leaders will all be aided by the seasoned guidance of Dr. Greggo. Trekking Toward Wholeness will be a required text for all my students."

Robert W. Kellemen, chair, M.A. in Christian Counseling and Discipleship Department, Capital Bible Seminary, and author of Beyond the Suffering: Embracing the Legacy of African American Soul Care and Spiritual Direction


1. Trekking Together
Section One: Trek Preparations
2. Trekking Fundamentals
3. Every Trekker Tells a Story
4. Priorities with a Pious Heritage
Section Two: Leading Toward Vision and Structure
5. Determining Destination
6. Packing Essentials
Section Three: Leading Toward Care
7. Alliances for the Journey
8. Hospitality on Trek
Section Four Leading Toward Affect and Attachment
9. Entertaining Trekkers Unaware
10. Course Corrections
Section Five: Leading Toward Meaning
11. Meaning in the Breakthrough
12. Trekking in the Gaps
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Stephen P. Greggo

Stephen P. Greggo (PsyD, State University of New York, Albany) is professor of counseling and chair of the counseling department at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, training mental health professionals and clergy for a Christian ministry of soul care. He is author of Trekking Toward Wholeness, is a licensed psychologist and ordained minister, and maintains a long-standing association as partner and consultant with CCAHope in Delmar, New York.