• Making Peace with the Land

    Making Peace with the Land

    God's Call to Reconcile with Creation

    Resources for Reconciliation

    by Fred Bahnson and Norman Wirzba
    Foreword by Bill McKibben

    Agriculturalist Fred Bahnson and theologian Norman Wirzba develop a vision for community renewal based on reconciliation with the land. With a balance of theological and practical insight, the authors lead communities into practices of local food production, eucharistic eating and delight in God?s provision.

  • Redeeming Creation

    Redeeming Creation

    The Biblical Basis for Environmental Stewardship

    by Fred H. Van Dyke, David C. Mahan, Joseph K. Sheldon, and Raymond H. Brand

    Biologists Fred Van Dyke, David C. Mahan, Joseph K. Sheldon and Raymond H. Brand provide hope for today's environmental crisis and bring Scripture into dialogue with current scientific findings and commitments.

  • The Care of Creation

    The Care of Creation

    Focusing Concern and Action

    Edited by R. J. Berry

    This collection of essays edited by R. J. Berry is a stimulating and provocative international commentary by leading theologians and environmental practitioners on the Christian responsibility to care for the environment.

  • Shaping a Digital World

    Shaping a Digital World

    Faith, Culture and Computer Technology

    by Derek C. Schuurman

    Building on the work of Jacques Ellul, Marshall McLuhan and Neil Postman, as well as a wide range of Reformed thinkers, Derek Schuurman provides a brief theology of technology—rooted in the Reformed tradition and oriented around the grand themes of creation, fall, redemption and new creation.

  • The Message of Creation

    The Message of Creation

    Encountering the Lord of the Universe

    The Bible Speaks Today Bible Themes Series

    by David Wilkinson

    David Wilkinson traces the theme of creation through the rich tapestry of Scripture and brings it into lively conversation with contemporary concerns.

  • Minds, Brains, Souls and Gods

    Minds, Brains, Souls and Gods

    A Conversation on Faith, Psychology and Neuroscience

    by Malcolm Jeeves

    In this hypothetical correspondence, Malcolm Jeeves urges Christian students to enter the brave new world of neuroscience ready to have their faith examined and their experiences of God put to the test. When we do this, he argues, being mindful of oversimplifications as we go, the integration of Christianity and psychology becomes possible.

  • Health, Healing and the Church's Mission

    Health, Healing and the Church's Mission

    Biblical Perspectives and Moral Priorities

    by Willard M. Swartley

    Does the Christian community have the resources to develop a coherent response to today?s health care challenges? In a comprehensive survey covering the full scope of the Bible and three millennia of Christian belief and practice, Willard Swartley fleshes out the central place of health care in the church?s mission.

  • Scripture and Cosmology

    Scripture and Cosmology

    Reading the Bible Between the Ancient World and Modern Science

    by Kyle Greenwood

    Kyle Greenwood introduces readers to ancient Near Eastern cosmology and the ways in which the Bible speaks within that context. He then traces the way the Bible was read through Aristotelian and Copernican cosmologies and discusses how its ancient conceptions should be understood in light of Scripture?s authority and contemporary science.

  • How I Changed My Mind About Evolution

    How I Changed My Mind About Evolution

    Evangelicals Reflect on Faith and Science

    BioLogos Books on Science and Christianity

    Edited by Kathryn Applegate and J. B. Stump
    Foreword by Deborah Haarsma

    Perhaps no topic appears as potentially threatening to evangelicals as evolution. Yet many evangelicals have reconciled their firm beliefs in God and the Bible with the conclusions of science. How? Here are the stories of over two dozen evangelical scientists, pastors, biblical scholars and theologians who have come to embrace both evolution and faith.

  • The Biology of Sin

    The Biology of Sin

    Grace, Hope and Healing for Those Who Feel Trapped

    by Matthew S. Stanford

    Focusing on adultery, rage, addiction, and homosexuality, neuroscientist Matthew Stanford explores what role biological predispositions play in behavior that the Bible defines as sinful.

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