• Authentic Human Sexuality

    Authentic Human Sexuality

    An Integrated Christian Approach

    by Judith K. Balswick and Jack O. Balswick

    Informed by sociology, psychology, and theology, this updated edition of an established textbook investigates how human sexuality originates both biologically and socially. Laying the groundwork for a normative Christian interpretation of sexuality, this work explores what authentic sexuality looks like as well as forms of "inauthentic sexuality" such as sexual harassment, pornography, and rape.

  • Grace for the Children

    Grace for the Children

    Finding Hope in the Midst of Child and Adolescent Mental Illness

    by Matthew S. Stanford

    The church's response to child and adolescent mental health disorders has too often been characterized by fear and misinformation rather than grace or wisdom. Psychologist Matthew Stanford educates Christians about a range of common mental health disorders—from both scientific and biblical perspectives—so that the church may offer young people hope, a holistic view of human nature, accessible care, and supportive community.

  • Contemplation and Counseling

    Contemplation and Counseling

    An Integrative Model for Practitioners

    Christian Association for Psychological Studies Books

    by P. Gregg Blanton

    Can contemplative prayer be integrated into therapeutic work? Building an alliance between science, theology, and Christian contemplative thought, Gregg Blanton presents a new paradigm for integrating contemplative prayer with counseling practice. This practical resource offers eleven fundamental interventions to fit the needs of clients and a practical four-stage process for helping clients change.

  • Defending Your Marriage

    Defending Your Marriage

    The Reality of Spiritual Battle

    by Tim Muehlhoff
    Foreword by Clinton E. Arnold

    Sometimes it can feel like the world is trying to tear your marriage apart. How can you tell if you're facing spiritual opposition? Tim Muehlhoff provides this resource for protecting your marriage from the threats of the evil one. Looking at what Scripture says about spiritual warfare and how our everyday struggles have deeper spiritual realities, he provides practical steps for guarding our marriages with the whole armor of God.

  • Developing Clinicians of Character

    Developing Clinicians of Character

    A Christian Integrative Approach to Clinical Supervision

    Christian Association of Psychological Studies Books

    by Terri S. Watson

    Terri S. Watson equips you to excel in "the helping profession within a helping profession" as you provide clinical supervision for other mental health workers. Grounding our thinking in the historic and contemporary wisdom of virtue ethics, this resource aims to identify and strengthen supervision's important role for character formation in the classroom, in continuing education for practitioners, and in clinical settings.

  • Assessment for Counseling in Christian Perspective

    Assessment for Counseling in Christian Perspective

    Christian Association for Psychological Studies Books

    by Stephen P. Greggo

    Assessment in counseling is an ongoing and dynamic routine to encourage movement in a productive direction toward what is truly best. In this Christian perspective on assessment, Stephen P. Greggo equips counselors to put assessment techniques into practical use, charting a course for care that brings best practices of the profession together with practices of Christian discipleship.

  • Family Therapies

    Family Therapies

    A Comprehensive Christian Appraisal

    Christian Association for Psychological Studies Books

    by Mark A. Yarhouse and James N. Sells

    Mark A. Yarhouse and James N. Sells survey the major approaches to family therapy and treat significant psychotherapeutic issues within a Christian framework, offering timely wisdom for therapeutic practice. Fully updated and revised, this second edition is an indispensable resource for those in the mental health professions, including counselors, psychologists, family therapists, social workers, and pastors.

  • Divorce and Remarriage in the Church

    Divorce and Remarriage in the Church

    Biblical Solutions for Pastoral Realities

    by David Instone-Brewer

    Divorce and remarriage are major pastoral issues facing every church. Yet when we turn to Scripture for guidance, we often hear conflicting messages about its teachings. David Instone-Brewer shows how the New Testament provides faithful, realistic and wise guidance of crucial importance and practical help for the church today.

  • Counseling Couples in Conflict

    Counseling Couples in Conflict

    A Relational Restoration Model

    Christian Association for Psychological Studies Books

    by James N. Sells and Mark A. Yarhouse

    How do you counsel a couple that is already heading for divorce by the time they seek help? Building on the research presented in their previous book Family Therapies, Mark Yarhouse and James Sells have developed a resource to train pastors and counselors in restoring high conflict relationships.

  • Refuge from Abuse

    Refuge from Abuse

    Healing and Hope for Abused Christian Women

    by Nancy Nason-Clark and Catherine Clark Kroeger

    Nancy Nason-Clark and Catherine Clark Kroeger draw on their professional experience in sociology and biblical studies to supply here-and-now, step-by-step advice that victims of domestic violence need to begin a journey toward healing.

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