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    The New Parish

    How Neighborhood Churches Are Transforming Mission, Discipleship and Community

    by Paul Sparks, Tim Soerens, and Dwight J. Friesen

    Headlines rage with big stories about big churches. But tucked away in neighborhoods throughout North America is a profound work of hope quietly unfolding as the gospel takes root in the context of a place. The future of the church is local, connected to the struggles of the people and even to the land itself.

  • paperback

    Starting Missional Churches

    Life with God in the Neighborhood

    Edited by Mark Branson and Nicholas Warnes

    All mission is local—the people of God joining the work of God in a particular place. In Starting Missional Churches Mark Lau Branson and Nicholas Warnes introduce us to seven missional churches while examining common challenges regarding church planting.

    Introductory Introductory
  • hardcover

    Subverting Global Myths

    Theology and the Public Issues Shaping Our World

    by Vinoth Ramachandra

    Vinoth Ramachandra considers six areas of contemporary global discourse where powerful myths energize and mobilize a great deal of public funding, academic production and media attention: myths about terrorism, religious violence, human rights, multiculturalism, science and postcolonialism.

    Intermediate Intermediate

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