• Listening to Sexual Minorities

    Listening to Sexual Minorities

    A Study of Faith and Sexual Identity on Christian College Campuses

    Christian Association for Psychological Studies Books

    by Mark A. Yarhouse, Janet B. Dean, Michael Lastoria, and Stephen P. Stratton

    For sexual minority students on Christian college campuses, faith and sexuality can feel in acute tension. Yarhouse, Dean, Stratton, and Lastoria draw on their decades of experience to bring us a longitudinal study into what sexual minorities experience, hope for, and benefit from. Rich with both quantitative and qualitative data, here is an unprecedented opportunity to listen to sexual minorities in their own words.

  • Ecologies of Faith in a Digital Age

    Ecologies of Faith in a Digital Age

    Spiritual Growth Through Online Education

    by Stephen D. Lowe and Mary E. Lowe

    Many Christian institutions have embraced new technologies, especially online education. But is it possible for us to grow spiritually through our digital communities? Steve Lowe and Mary Lowe, longtime proponents of online education, trace the motif of spiritual growth through Scripture and consider how students and professors alike might foster digital ecologies in which spiritual transformation can take place.

  • Restoring the Soul of the University

    Restoring the Soul of the University

    Unifying Christian Higher Education in a Fragmented Age

    by Perry L. Glanzer, Nathan F. Alleman, and Todd C. Ream

    Has the American university gained the whole world but lost its soul? Christian universities must reimagine excellence in a time of exile, placing the liberating arts before the liberal arts and focusing on the worship, love, and knowledge of God as central to academia. This pioneering work charts the history of the university and casts an inspiring vision for the future of higher education.

  • From Bubble to Bridge

    From Bubble to Bridge

    Educating Christians for a Multifaith World

    by Marion H. Larson and Sara L. H. Shady
    Foreword by Eboo Patel

    Many Christians, especially those in Christian college "bubbles," worry that engaging in interfaith dialogue will require watering down their faith. In this timely book, Marion Larson and Sara Shady help evangelicals engage in interfaith dialogue, offering practical wisdom for turning our faith bubbles into bridges of interfaith engagement.

  • The Jonathan Effect

    The Jonathan Effect

    Helping Kids and Schools Win the Battle Against Poverty

    by Mike Tenbusch

    The "Goliath" of urban poverty overpowers too many kids today as they struggle to survive and thrive. Detroit native and longtime advocate for youth education Mike Tenbusch knows this firsthand. But when Christians and churches come alongside these young "Davids," we can unleash the Jonathan Effect that will turn the tide in the battle against poverty.

  • Teaching in a Distant Classroom

    Teaching in a Distant Classroom

    Crossing Borders for Global Transformation

    by Michael H. Romanowski and Teri McCarthy

    Veteran educators Mike Romanowski and Teri McCarthy provide an essential guide for Christians teaching in overseas contexts. Providing both the theoretical framework as well as practical tools, the authors offer concrete advice and real-life examples for classroom instruction, daily life and much more.

  • Engaging the Culture, Changing the World

    Engaging the Culture, Changing the World

    The Christian University in a Post-Christian World

    by Philip W. Eaton

    Drawing on the work of cultural analysts like Lesslie Newbigin, Richard John Neuhaus and Charles Taylor, Philip W. Eaton proposes an alternative idea of Christian higher education that aims to equip students for responsible engagement in our post-Christian world.

  • Professors Who Believe

    Professors Who Believe

    The Spiritual Journeys of Christian Faculty

    Edited by Paul M. Anderson

    Here are the stories of twenty-two Christian faculty who tell in their own words the difference that Christ has made in their lives and work, offering thoughtful models of how faith can not only survive but thrive in the university.

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