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    The Song of Solomon

    Tyndale Old Testament Commentaries

    by G. Lloyd Carr

    The Song of Solomon, as its Hebrew title indicates, is "the best of songs." This Old Testament book has fascinated and perplexed interpreters for centuries. Lloyd Carr, in this introduction to the Song of Solomon, explains the meaning of this ancient love story in a way that can be clearly grasped and appreciated.

  • 1235

    The Message of the Song of Songs

    The Bible Speaks Today Series

    by Tom Gledhill

    Tom Gledhill offers an introduction and commentary on the Song of Songs. He shows how this fascinating text not only celebrates human sexuality but also points to its divine author. For pastors, Sunday-school teachers, small group leaders and Bible readers, here is a clear and refreshing perspective on one of the most striking books in the Bible.

  • 1783

    Dictionary of the Old Testament: Wisdom, Poetry & Writings

    A Compendium of Contemporary Biblical Scholarship

    The IVP Bible Dictionary Series

    Edited by Tremper Longman III and Peter Enns

    Tremper Longman III and Peter E. Enns edit this collection of 148 articles by over 90 contributors on Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs, Lamentations, Ruth and Esther.

  • 1479

    Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon

    Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture

    Edited by J. Robert Wright

    Editor J. Robert Wright presents commentary on Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and the Song of Solomon, showcasing response by the early church fathers to what they judged to be the finest wisdom about the deeper issues of life prior to the time of God's taking human form in Jesus Christ.

  • 2515

    Ecclesiastes and the Song of Songs

    Apollos Old Testament Commentary Series

    by Daniel C. Fredericks and Daniel J. Estes

    This Apollos Old Testament Commentary volume by Daniel J. Estes expounds the books of Ecclesiastes and Song of Songs in a scholarly manner, and it shows the relevance of these important books to today's readers. Edited by David W. Baker and Gordon J. Wenham, the series is intended to serve the needs of those who preach from the Old Testament.

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