• The Book of Isaiah and God's Kingdom

    The Book of Isaiah and God's Kingdom

    A Thematic-Theological Approach

    New Studies in Biblical Theology

    by Andrew Abernethy
    Series Editor D. A. Carson

    Anyone who has attempted to teach or preach through the prophecy of Isaiah has felt a tension. In view of what the structure of the book of Isaiah aims to emphasize, this NSBT volume employs the concept of "kingdom" as an entry point for organizing the book's major themes, identifying the links to the broader biblical canon and ultimately to Jesus.

  • Interpreting Isaiah

    Interpreting Isaiah

    Issues and Approaches

    Edited by David G. Firth and H. G. M. Williamson

    Originating in a 2008 Tyndale Fellowship conference on Isaiah, Interpreting Isaiah (David Firth and Hugh G. M. Williamson, editors) presents some of the most significant evangelical scholarship on Isaiah today. Essays on recent scholarship and the theology of Isaiah offer valuable overviews that bring readers abreast of current understanding.

  • The Resurrected Servant in Isaiah

    The Resurrected Servant in Isaiah

    by John D. Barry

    An examination of the servant's possible resurrection in Isaiah 53:10-12 validating a potential parallel portrayal of Jesus of Nazareth in the Gospels.

  • The Theology of the Book of Isaiah

    The Theology of the Book of Isaiah

    by John Goldingay

    What should we make of the sprawling and puzzling book of Isaiah—so layered and complex in its composition? John Goldingay helps us see, hear and understand the grandeur of this prophetic masterpiece among the Prophets as both separate parts and as a whole, clearly tied together with unifying themes.

  • Isaiah


    Tyndale Old Testament Commentaries

    by J. Alec Motyer

    J. Alec Motyer, a lifelong Isaiah scholar, provides a lucid and insightful exposition of the book of Isaiah. Identifying three messianic portraits: the King, the Servant and the Anointed Conqueror, Motyer challenges traditional divisions of this compelling Old Testament book of prophecy.

  • The Prophecy of Isaiah

    The Prophecy of Isaiah

    An Introduction Commentary

    by J. Alec Motyer

    Presenting a wealth of comment and perspective on the book of Isaiah, J. Alec Motyer pays particular attention to three recurring themes: the messianic hope, the motif of the city, and the theology of the Holy One of Israel. This rich, accessible commentary is a wise, winsome and welcome guide to Isaiah for Christians today.

  • The Message of Isaiah

    The Message of Isaiah

    The Bible Speaks Today Series

    by Barry G. Webb

    Ever since Jesus read from the scroll of Isaiah in the synagogue of Nazareth, Christians have gravitated to this great prophecy as the interpretive center of the Old Testament. Barry Webb calls Isaiah the "Romans" of the Old Testament, where all the threads come together and the big picture of God's purposes for his people and for his world are most clearly set forth.

  • Dictionary of the Old Testament: Prophets

    Dictionary of the Old Testament: Prophets

    The IVP Bible Dictionary Series

    Edited by Mark J. Boda and J. Gordon McConville

    With this new volume, IVP's Black Dictionary series completes its coverage of the Old Testament canonical books. A true compendium of recent scholarship, the volume includes 115 articles covering all aspects of Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, the twelve "minor prophets" and Daniel.

  • Commentary on Isaiah

    Commentary on Isaiah

    Ancient Christian Texts

    by Eusebius of Caesarea
    Translated by Jonathan J. Armstrong
    Edited by Joel C. Elowsky

    The latest addition to the Ancient Christian Texts series offers a first-ever English translation of Eusebius's Commentary on Isaiah. Expertly rendered with notes and an introduction by Jonathan Armstrong, this volume exposes contemporary readers to the earliest Christian commentary on the prophecy of Isaiah.

  • Isaiah 1-39

    Isaiah 1-39

    Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture

    Edited by Steven A. McKinion

    Steven A. McKinion presents this volume on Isaiah 1-39, focusing on the prophet's vision of the coming Messiah.

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