Authoritative Voices on Today's Issues

Welcome to the IVP Media Experts page. Here you'll find a list of IVP authors who can knowledgeably engage a variety of topics. If you have questions or are looking for an expert on a subject not included here, get in touch with IVP publicists by visiting our media page.

Arts & Culture

Jason M. Baxter

Jason M. Baxter (PhD, University of Notre Dame) is associate professor of fine arts and humanities at Wyoming Catholic College. Read More

William Edgar

William Edgar is professor of apologetics and coordinator of the apologetics department at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia as well as professeur associé at the Faculté Jean Calvin in Aix-en-Provence, France. Read More

W. David O. Taylor

W. David O. Taylor (ThD, Duke Divinity School) is associate professor of theology and culture at Fuller Theological Seminary and the producer of a short film on the psalms with Bono and Eugene Peterson. Read More

Author of Noel A. Snyder

Noel A. Snyder (PhD, Fuller Theological Seminary) is program manager at the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship at Calvin University and an ordained teaching elder in the Presbyterian Church (USA). Read More

Cameron J. Anderson

Cameron J. Anderson (MFA, Cranbrook Academy of Art) is an artist, associate director of Upper House, and former executive director of Christians in the Visual Arts (CIVA). Read More

Author photo of G. Walter Hansen

G. Walter Hansen (ThD, University of Toronto) is professor emeritus at Fuller Theological Seminary. Read More

Glenn Packiam

Glenn Packiam (Doctor of Theology and Ministry, Durham) is the associate senior pastor of New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Read More

Jennifer Allen Craft

Jennifer Allen Craft (PhD, University of St. Andrews) is associate professor of humanities and theology at Point University in West Point, Georgia, where she teaches courses in theology, philosophy, and the arts. Read More

Richard Hughes Gibson

Richard Hughes Gibson (PhD, University of Virginia) is associate professor of English at Wheaton College. Read More

Author photo of Matthew J. Milliner

Matthew J. Milliner (PhD, Princeton University) is associate professor of art history at Wheaton College. Read More

Carol A.  Berry

Carol A. Berry is an artist, art educator, and lecturer at the Vermont Humanities Council, and the author of Vincent Van Gogh: His Spiritual Vision in Life and Art in the Modern Spiritual Masters series. Read More

Jeffrey Munroe

Jeffrey Munroe is executive vice president at Western Theological Seminary, where he also teaches writing. Read More

James Edward Beitler III

James Edward Beitler III (PhD, University of Michigan) is associate professor of English at Wheaton College, where he is the director of First-Year Writing and also coordinates the Writing Fellows Program. Read More

Christine A.  Colón

Christine A. Colón (PhD, University of California at Davis) is professor of English at Wheaton College. Read More