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  • Become What You Are

    Become What You Are

    Spiritual Formation According to the Sermon on the Mount

    by William W. Klein

    New Testament scholar William W. Klein presents the profound vision for spiritual formation that lies at the heart of the Sermon on the Mount.

  • What Jesus Started

    What Jesus Started

    Joining the Movement, Changing the World

    by Steve Addison
    Foreword by Ed Stetzer

    Sometimes we get so caught up in the power of Jesus shouting from the cross, "It is finished!" that we forget that Jesus started something too. Uncovering the inner dynamics of Jesus's work with the disciples, veteran church planter Steve Addison reminds us that Christianity is a movement with a unique design for expansion.

  • But What About God's Wrath?

    But What About God's Wrath?

    The Compelling Love Story of Divine Anger

    by Kevin Kinghorn
    With Stephen Travis

    How can a loving God also be a God of wrath? Using a philosophically informed line of argument and a careful study of the relevant biblical texts, Kinghorn and Travis show how these two aspects of God's character can be reconciled. Instead of assuming that God's just response to people is incompatible with a loving response, the authors instead view God's love as a strictly essential divine attribute, with justice as a derivative of love.

  • What Does Your Soul Love?

    What Does Your Soul Love?

    Eight Questions That Reveal God's Work in You

    by Gem Fadling and Alan Fadling

    In this practical, personal book Gem and Alan Fadling outline eight key questions that offer deep insight into how we experience soul change and spiritual transformation. These questions help us unpack where we are stuck and also reveal the path to joy and to the heart of God. Spiritual inventories and exercises will guide you, along with stories from Gem and Alan's lives and ministry.

  • Justification: What's at Stake in the Current Debates

    Justification: What's at Stake in the Current Debates

    Wheaton Theology Conference Series

    Edited by Mark Husbands and Daniel J. Treier

    Mark Husbands and Daniel J. Treier gather notable evangelical scholars and teachers to address key questions from biblical, historical, theological and ecumenical perspectives.

  • What's So Funny About God?

    What's So Funny About God?

    A Theological Look at Humor

    by Steve Wilkens

    Jokes often touch on the biggest topics of our existence, but many Christians haven't taken humor seriously. This insightful yet delightful crash course from philosopher Steve Wilkens argues that viewing Scripture and theology through the lens of humor helps us understand the gospel and avoid the pitfalls of both naturalism and gnosticism, while facilitating a humble, honest, and appealing approach to faith.

  • What Is Christianity?

    What Is Christianity?

    IVP Booklets

    by John W. Alexander

    John W. Alexander presents an argument for the truth of Christianity.

  • Necessary Christianity

    Necessary Christianity

    What Jesus Shows We Must Be and Do

    by Claude R. Alexander Jr.

    For followers of Jesus, certain things are not optional, but necessary. Bishop Claude Alexander unpacks the Gospels' statements of what Jesus said he must do. Contrary to the life of the optional, accidental, and haphazard, the believer is called to live with a sense of divine necessity—no maybes about it.

  • What They Don't Always Teach You at a Christian College

    What They Don't Always Teach You at a Christian College

    by Keith R. Anderson

    Keith Anderson's essential backpack companion for Christian college students shows how to maintain a healthy spiritual life, build friendships, find community on campus, get involved in a new church and more.