Become What You Are: Spiritual Formation According to the Sermon on the Mount, By William W. Klein

Become What You Are

Spiritual Formation According to the Sermon on the Mount

by William W. Klein

Become What You Are
  • Length: 238 pages
  • Published: October 02, 2006
  • Imprint: IVP
  • Item Code: 5609
  • ISBN: 9780830856091

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If you were sitting today on a hillside listening to Jesus' Sermon on the Mount, how ought you respond? Become What You Are is the insider's guide to Jesus' agenda—the goal of spiritual formation. This goal is a transformed heart, a change at the inner center of our being, that leads to a life that pleases God. Or, as a shorthand, it means becoming like Christ.

This unique approach to the most famous sermon juxtaposes analysis with practice sections throughout. In the analysis sections, the essential meaning of the text—what Jesus and Matthew were driving at—is explained for each section of the sermon. A practice section follows, calling you to engage Jesus' meaning for yourself.

By understanding what the Sermon meant in its context and how you can take it seriously in this modern world, as a follower of Jesus, you will be able to become what you are.

William W. Klein

Dr. William W. Klein is professor of New Testament at Denver Seminary and serves as chair of the Division of Biblical Studies. He earned a PhD from the University of Aberdeen in Scotland, a MDiv degree from Denver Seminary, and a BS degree from Wheaton College. Dr. Klein has written articles for several biblical dictionaries and encyclopedias and has published chapters or essays in several books and Festschrifts. His articles and reviews can be found in major journals as well as popular magazines. He edited and was the major contributor to An Introduction to Biblical Interpretation, wrote the commentary on Ephesians in the revised Expositor's Bible Commentary, and has consulted on several recent Bible versions, serving as chief exegetical consultant for the New Testament portion of The Message.