IVP Kids to Release First Middle Grade Fiction Series

InterVarsity Press (IVP) and IVP Kids will be releasing its first middle grade fiction series. Don Everts, a prolific nonfiction author for IVP, has signed a three-book contract with IVP Kids for the Argus Sensates series. The first book in the series, tentatively titled Bubbles and the Argus Sensates, will release in Spring 2026.

IVP Academic Introduces the Behind the Books Podcast

With a rich seventy-five year history of publishing titles and textbooks that have facilitated broader conversations taking place in the academy and the church, IVP Academic will soon offer another vantage point of the academic publishing process with a new podcast called Behind the Books. The first episode releases May 2.

Ned Bustard, author and illustrator of Saint Nicholas the Giftgiver and Saint Patrick the Forgiver, will release his third saint book with IVP Kids on January 16. Just in time for Valentine's Day, Bustard's latest book is titled Saint Valentine the Kindhearted: The History and Legends of God's Brave and Loving Servant.