InterVarsity Press and IVP Academic are pleased to continue their twenty-five years of partnership with Wheaton College (IL) for the 2016 Wheaton Theology Conference. The theme for this year's event is "The People's Book: Reformation and the Bible," and will be held on campus in the Billy Graham Center on April 7–8, 2016.

The conference theme focuses on the events surrounding the beginning of the Reformation nearly five hundred years ago—the proliferation of Martin Luther's Ninety-Five Theses, the publication of his German Bible, and the complex role this "people’s book" had in the Reformation as a central element of both unity and division within Christianity.

"The longstanding partnership of IVP and Wheaton College has consistently produced memorable theology conferences," said David Lauber, associate professor of theology at Wheaton and one of the conference organizers. "This year promises to keep the tradition alive. 'The People's Book: The Reformation and the Bible' will benefit the church and the academy."

Plenary papers at this year's conference will bring attention to the multiplicity of Reformation traditions—Lutheran, Reformed, Anglican, radical and Catholic—and their engagement with the Bible. Keynote sessions by the likes of Michael Horton, Bruce Gordon, Mark Labberton, Carl Trueman and others will grapple with the unifying and divisive dialogue that the people's book generated during the Reformation as an avenue for considering the unity and division that the body of Christ faces today. IVP Academic plans to release the essays of these esteemed voices in the spring of 2017 within their Wheaton Theology Conference series in a volume also titled The People's Book.

"IVP is grateful for the partnership that we have had with the Wheaton Theology Conference since its inception in 1992, and we are pleased to offer edited volumes based on many of the previous conferences with contributions from renowned scholars," said Dr. David McNutt, associate editor for IVP Academic and project editor for the Reformation Commentary on Scripture (RCS). "This year we are excited to reflect upon the upcoming 500th anniversary of the Reformation, the role that the Bible played in those events and how both continue to shape the church today."

Additionally, IVP Academic has plans to promote its theologically rich RCS series and corresponding continuity program for scholars in attendance at the 2016 conference. The RCS volumes follow the practice of biblical commentary, in which the scriptural texts are elucidated by chains of passages collected from the authoritative insights of the church's great exegetes. The latest volume, 1-2 Samuel , 1-2 Kings, 1-2 Chronicles, is releasing in time for the conference and is edited by Martin Lohrmann and Derek Cooper.

The Rev. Dr. Jennifer Powell McNutt, associate professor of theology and history of Christianity at Wheaton and a conference organizer, said, "For twenty-five years the Wheaton Theology Conference has enjoyed its partnership with IVP in exploring issues that pertain to theology in the church and in contemporary culture. This year we have the opportunity to explore the impact of the Bible during the Reformation as its 500th anniversary approaches through a line-up of renowned scholars as well as a pastor's workshop, Bach Cantata performance, and rare Bibles exhibit. You won't want to miss it!"

To learn more about the Wheaton Theology Conference volumes, please visit the series' page