145 women attending the 2014 National Women's Conference June 27-29 in Orlando submitted reflections on faith and work and twenty-five were chosen to attend a special dinner at the Hilton Orlando on June 27 hosted by TGC's Every Square Inch and Kathy Keller, and sponsored by InterVarsity Press/IVP Crescendo. The special guest speaker was Jen Pollock Michel, author of Teach Us to Want: Longing, Ambition and the Life of Faith.

"This is an incredible honor and really such a grace to be in this room with so many people who love our Lord and who treat words as holy things," said IVP author Carolyn Weber as she accepted the Grace Irwin Prize, Canada's largest literary prize for Christian writers, for her memoir Surprised by Oxford. Her book Holy Is the Day (IVP Crescendo) was also one of the top four books in the running for the Word Awards Grace Irwin Prize for best Christian writing across Canada.

Mark Lanier is hailed as a "superstar among plaintiffs' lawyers" by the National Law Journal and "the top class action attorney in America" by U.S. News & World Report.  Gaining national attention from courtroom battles with powerhouses such as Vioxx and Toyota, Lanier now applies his legal skills to the Christian faith in his new book Christianity on Trial, set to release in June 2014.

Common perception holds that the Western church is dying. But there is a movement that has escaped traditional measures of success as neighborhood parishes spring up in the everyday life of cities all over North America. Paul SparksTim Soerens, and Dwight J. Friesen detail this phenomenon in their book The New Parish: How Neighborhood Churches are Transforming Mission, Discipleship and Community.

InterVarsity Press is pleased to announce that the second edition of the Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospels was awarded book of the year in the category of Bible Reference for the 2014 ECPA Christian Book Awards. The announcement was made on the opening evening of the ECPA Leadership Summit on Monday, April 28, as a part of the ECPA Awards and Anniversary banquet.