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This poem by Leslie Leyland Fields was originally written for "A Radiant Birth"  but didn't appear in the final edition. Read the bonus poem "No Country for Two Kings" and consider how Advent gives us the opportunity to choose which kingdom we pledge our allegiance to.

Christians who struggle with their mental health often hear conflicting messages about how their spiritual life and conditions like depression and anxiety relate. But according to author Diana Gruver, we can find a middle road where Christian faith and mental health are integrated in healthy ways. Listen in as she begins a life-giving conversation about the role faith can play in our mental health journey.

We're all facing disruption right now as the coronavirus and COVID-19 have radically altered our daily lives. But one thing is certain—we're coming together even as we practice social distancing, whether it's in virtual spaces, in our homes, or as a world community. Christian community is just as important now as ever, so use these tips and resources to stay hopeful while we're together at home.