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Fall 2018 Books

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The Advent of the Lamb of God

After the Trip

Unpacking Your Crosscultural Experience

Approaching the Study of Theology

An Introduction to Key Thinkers, Concepts, Methods & Debates

Breaking the Marriage Idol

Reconstructing Our Cultural and Spiritual Norms

Canoeing the Mountains

Christian Leadership in Uncharted Territory

Conformed to the Image of His Son

Reconsidering Paul's Theology of Glory in Romans

Disabling Mission, Enabling Witness

Exploring Missiology Through the Lens of Disability Studies

Disruptive Witness

Speaking Truth in a Distracted Age

Early Christian Readings of Genesis One

Patristic Exegesis and Literal Interpretation

Evangelical Theological Method

Five Views

Finding Holy in the Suburbs

Living Faithfully in the Land of Too Much

Healing Our Broken Humanity

Practices for Revitalizing the Church and Renewing the World

Here in Spirit

Knowing the Spirit Who Creates, Sustains, and Transforms Everything

Honest Worship

From False Self to True Praise

Invitation to Retreat

The Gift and Necessity of Time Away with God