Books can be more than just casual reading—if you let them, they can serve as a catalyst for action and growth. Addressing the important topics we're facing today, IVP books are known for thoughtful, scriptural, culturally engaged content.

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Talking Back to Purity Culture

Talking Back to Purity Culture

Rediscovering Faithful Christian Sexuality

by Rachel Joy Welcher
Foreword by Scott Sauls

The generation born into evangelical purity culture has grown up, but many still struggle with its complicated legacy. Examining purity culture's teachings through the lens of Scripture, Rachel Joy Welcher charts a path forward in the ongoing debates about sexuality—one that rejects legalism and license alike, steering us back instead to the good news of Jesus.

J. I. Packer

J. I. Packer

His Life and Thought

by Alister McGrath

J. I. Packer was one of the most influential evangelical theological and spiritual writers of the twentieth century. In this beautiful recollection of Packer's life and faith, Alister McGrath explores his many contributions to theology and spirituality, engagingly setting out the central themes of his work for a new generation of readers.

From Burned Out to Beloved

From Burned Out to Beloved

Soul Care for Wounded Healers

by Bethany Dearborn Hiser

As a social worker, jail chaplain, and justice advocate, Bethany Dearborn Hiser pushed herself to the brink of burnout—only to discover that she needed the very soul care she was providing to others. Tackling the effects of secondary trauma and burnout, this is a trauma-informed soul care guide for Christians working in high-stress, helping professions.

The Nazarene

The Nazarene

Forty Devotions on the Lyrical Life of Jesus

by Michael Card

Over the course of his career, singer-songwriter Michael Card has explored the depths of Scripture by bringing together biblical study and the power of the imagination. Now he sheds light on the life of Jesus through forty lyrical reflections on the four Gospels, leading us to a place where Jesus becomes real and we can hear him with both hearts and minds.

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Companions in the Darkness

Companions in the Darkness

Seven Saints Who Struggled with Depression and Doubt

by Diana Gruver
Foreword by Chuck DeGroat

The church's relationship with depression has been fraught, and we still have a long way to go. Drawing on her own experience with depression, Diana Gruver looks back into church history and finds depression in the lives of some of our most beloved saints, telling their stories in fresh ways and offering practical wisdom both for those in the darkness and those who care for them.

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Mel Lawrenz
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12 Sessions
Phyllis J. Le Peau
12 Sessions
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