Healthy Calling: From Toxic Burnout to Sustainable Work, By Arianna Molloy

Healthy Calling

From Toxic Burnout to Sustainable Work

by Arianna Molloy

Healthy Calling
  • Length: 192 pages
  • Dimensions: 5.5 × 8.5 in
  • Published: January 07, 2025
  • Imprint: IVP
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  • ISBN: 9781514008409

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When You Don't Know Who You Are Anymore

Research shows that people who have a sense of calling are more productive, motivated, and resilient than their peers. But they are also more likely to experience the physical, mental, and spiritual exhaustion of burnout. When they do, the impact is more severe and disorienting. Burnout often starts from something very good: a passionate commitment to meaningful work and the skill to make it a reality. But the dark side of calling is that passion and skill without boundaries are like matches to a dry forest, at risk for devastating destruction.

How can we pursue our callings while managing our risk for burnout? Communication and workplace expert Arianna Molloy explores the nature of a healthy calling and the surprising key to unlocking a more sustainable approach. Humility is essential to a healthy calling, one that involves knowing yourself well, being teachable, and embracing the vulnerability of consistently taking time to rest and reflect. Molloy identifies essential practices and disciplines to recalibrate your calling and transform your work, relationships, and life.

You don't have to feel stuck and alone, disoriented in the dark. Let the Caller turn on the lights and return you to health.

"Arianna Molloy's Healthy Calling shines as a beacon of light for those lost in burnout's darkness. Through her profound insights and practical strategies, Molloy guides readers on a transformative journey from despair to hope, from exhaustion to renewal. This book is essential reading for anyone seeking true fulfillment in their work."

Michael J. Arena, dean of the Crowell School of Business at Biola University and author of Adaptive Space

"By bringing humility to a working world driven by achievement, urgency, and overwhelming demands, Dr. Arianna Molloy reminds her readers of the only satisfaction that can truly last. Dr. Molloy's insightful book Healthy Calling offers a timely and powerful reminder that anything that is not God is an idol and that we glorify God best when we rest in him first. Dr. Molloy's refreshingly honest wisdom and informed compassion lead us to a renewed, deeper, and sustainable joy in the good work for our good God that we have each been truly called to do."

Carolyn Weber, professor at New College Franklin, international speaker, and award-winning author of Surprised by Oxford and Holy is the Day


Introduction: The Path to Burnout and Why It Matters

Part 1: The Land of Burnout
1. The Toxic Relationship Between Burnout and Calling
2. Chronic Stress and the Deadly Duo of Workaholism and Job Idolization

Part 2: The Linchpin of Calling
3. The Three Cs in Calling's Relational Core
4. The Misunderstood and Underrepresented Role of Humility
5. The Three Qualities of Healthy Humility

Part 3: The Way Forward
6. Boundary Shaming and Boundary Resilience
7. Oil and Frames
8. The Way Forward



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Arianna Molloy (PhD, University of Denver) is associate professor of organizational communication at Biola University. Her research focuses on meaningful work, work as a calling, and the connection between humility and burnout in the workplace. She is an award-winning scholar and educator who has published in the International Journal of Business Communication, Communication Studies, and Christianity Today. Arianna is also a consultant for organizations, business professionals, and ministries. Arianna and her husband, Allen, have one son and enjoy running half marathons, traveling the world, and drinking good coffee.