Books can be more than just casual reading—if you let them, they can serve as a catalyst for action and growth. Addressing the important topics we're facing today, IVP books are known for thoughtful, scriptural, culturally engaged content.

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Winsome Conviction

Winsome Conviction

Disagreeing Without Dividing the Church

by Tim Muehlhoff and Richard Langer

In today's polarized context, Christians often have committed, biblical rationales for very different positions. How can Christians navigate disagreements with both truth and love? Tim Muehlhoff and Rick Langer provide lessons from conflict theory and church history on how to negotiate differing biblical convictions in order to move toward Christian unity.

Hurting Yet Whole

Hurting Yet Whole

Reconciling Body and Spirit in Chronic Pain and Illness

by Liuan Huska

What is healing when our bodies suffer chronic illness? As Liuan Huska went through years of chronic pain, she questioned how the Christian story speaks to our experiences of pain and illness. Countering a gnosticism that pits body against spirit, Huska helps us redefine what it means to find healing and wholeness, even in the midst of ongoing pain.

Mixed Blessing

Mixed Blessing

Embracing the Fullness of Your Multiethnic Identity

by Chandra Crane
Foreword by Jemar Tisby

Chandra Crane has keenly felt the otherness of having a mixed multiethnic and multicultural background. But those of us with a mixed heritage have the privilege and potential to serve the Lord through our unique experiences. Crane explores what Scripture and history teach us about ethnicity and how we can bring all of ourselves to our sense of identity and calling.

Out of the Saltshaker and Into the World

Out of the Saltshaker and Into the World

Evangelism as a Way of Life

The IVP Signature Collection

by Rebecca Manley Pippert
Foreword by Mark Mittelberg

Jesus says his followers are the salt of the earth. But how do we cut through fear and guilt to communicate our faith effectively? Now part of the IVP Signature Collection, this bestselling classic by Rebecca Manley Pippert offers a refreshing view of evangelism as a lifestyle, pointing to Jesus as our model and helping us feel relaxed and enthusiastic about sharing the good news.

Ethnic Identity

Ethnic Identity

Bringing Your Full Self to God

LifeGuide Bible Studies

by Steve Tamayo

Did you know that the Bible has a great deal to say about ethnicity? In this eight-session LifeGuide® Bible Study, Steve Tamayo takes us through passages that open us up to difficult yet important conversations about race, culture, and ethnicity. If ethnicity is a gift from God, engaging this material may deeply transform the way we interact with family, friends, and enemies.

Number of Studies: 8

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