Discipleship as Holy Collaboration: Helping Others Follow Jesus in Real Life, By Yolanda Solomon

Discipleship as Holy Collaboration

Helping Others Follow Jesus in Real Life

by Yolanda Solomon
Foreword by Ekemini Uwan

Discipleship as Holy Collaboration
  • Length: 192 pages
  • Dimensions: 5.5 × 8.5 in
  • Published: May 14, 2024
  • Imprint: IVP
  • Item Code: A0619
  • ISBN: 9781514006191

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Many Christians don’t disciple others because they think it’s the church leaders' responsibility. But Jesus commanded all his disciples to go and make disciples. If we're honest, many of us hesitate to disciple others because we don't feel qualified, fear we'll do more harm than good, and think we don't have time for it. Yolanda Solomon provides a practical guide to help us become disciples who are empowered by Jesus to make disciples.

Through biblical exposition and personal narrative, Solomon describes the beauty of discipleship in a way that will (re)ignite your passion to disciple others. Discipleship as Holy Collaboration describes the traits of a disciple and examines how disciples are made as people encounter a love that empowers and compels them to continue Jesus' mission. She walks us through the life of Jesus, pointing out numerous examples of embodied discipleship that we can implement in our own context. Solomon describes Jesus' call to make disciples as an invitation to collaborate with God in a sacred group project. The book also includes a discussion guide and multiple step-by-step praxis activities to encourage and equip you to answer the call.

"It's no secret that there is a dearth of discipleship resources written by Black women, which makes this book critically important. . . . Yolanda demystifies discipleship through her exegesis of Scripture and culture, which empowers the reader to disciple others or to seek out someone to disciple them."

Ekemini Uwan, public theologian and coauthor of Truth's Table: Black Women's Musings on Life, Love, and Liberation, from the foreword

"Yolanda Solomon has been a beacon of light and wisdom for years. Her godly insight and reflections are collected here to help us all continue our own transformative journey with Jesus and others."

Lecrae, recording artist and author of I Am Restored: How I Lost My Religion but Found My Faith

"As a pastor, I've witnessed firsthand Yolanda Solomon's profound impact as our church's director of discipleship, where she not only teaches with faithfulness to the Word of God but also truly embodies biblical principles. This book seamlessly combines practical advice, rich personal experiences, and robust theological insights, reflecting her years of dedication to discipleship. It's more than just a guide; it's a testament to her deep expertise and passionate commitment to seeing spiritual growth within the body of Christ. This is an indispensable read for anyone looking to enrich their discipleship journey."

Brandon Watts, pastor of Epiphany Church Brooklyn, New York

"Yolanda Solomon disrupts the individualism that has marked discipleship for far too long and restores the communal nature that is embedded in true discipleship—one where we are invited to co-labor with God in God's work in the world. This is a must-read for all who are serious about pursuing Christ in authentic ways in today's world!"

Janice McLean-Farrell, Dirck Romeyn Associate Professor of Metro-Urban Ministry at New Brunswick Theological Seminary

"Yolanda Solomon is a chef who has served us a recipe for discipleship that includes all the ingredients of a great meal. In this unique work, she infuses her sage wisdom with biblical exposition and a life well marinated in campus ministry, church leadership, and real-world experiences. Yolanda plates her theologically rich and practical discipleship principles with a delightful blend of relatable stories and culturally relevant anecdotes that offers up a deep dish of fresh and satisfying insights that help us to think deeply and apply broadly what it means to collaborate as sous-chefs with the Master Chef who calls us to 'feed my sheep.'"

Rasool Berry, teaching pastor at the Bridge Church in Brooklyn, New York

"Yolanda Solomon offers us something both accessible and profound in Discipleship as Holy Collaboration. Her vulnerable anecdotes and deep mining of the Scriptures work together to equip the reader to take heart in the Holy Spirit's profound work in raising a saint and take seriously each disciple's mandate to make disciples. This timely book serves as a unique resource for both individuals and small groups."

Christina Edmondson, cofounder of the Truth's Table Foundation and coauthor of Faithful Antiracism

"Full of passion, practical advice, and an evident deep, deep love for Christ, Yolanda Solomon's Discipleship as Holy Collaboration is a book I would recommend to young and old alike who want to follow Jesus together with others. Solomon keeps it real as she shares stories of rich experience and clear wisdom; she has a much-needed, well-referenced, accessible voice that illustrates what embodied and living discipleship looks like. This is no abstract imagination but a grounded beautiful reality that keeps us wanting more, to go deeper, to pursue further the One who pursued us first."

Maria Liu Wong, provost of the City Seminary of New York and author of On Becoming Wise Together: Learning and Leading in the City

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Foreword by Ekemini Uwan
1. My Discipleship Journey
2. What Is a Disciple?
3. Diagnosing the Discipleship Problem
4. A New Kin-Dom
5. How Do We Make Disciples?
6. Servants, Answer the Call
7. Discipleship or Mentoring?
8. Meeting Together
9. The Beauty of Discipleship: Binding and Unbinding
10. The Necessity of Rest
11. How to Walk in the Wilderness
12. Where’s the Fruit? Trust the Holy Ghost
Conclusion: Listen Well

Appendix A: Prayer and the Holy Spirit
Appendix B: Psalm 19 Bible Interpretation Exercise
Appendix C: Song of Salvation
Questions for Reflection and Discussion


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Yolanda M. Solomon

Yolanda M. Solomon is the director of discipleship at Epiphany Church in Brooklyn, New York, where she teaches and creates discipleship curriculum and resources. She has also worked in campus ministry at Columbia University in New York, where she was blessed to serve undergraduate students for seven years. Yolanda is a disciple of Christ, a Brooklyn native, and a lifelong Knicks fan, which richly fuels her prayer life. She lives in Brooklyn with her family.