Known for publishing thoughtful, educational, and formational titles, IVP is proud to feature fiction books that give an imaginative voice to Christian values and offer new ways to apply those values to your daily life. Our growing collection of academic fiction brings biblical and historical context to life, and our spiritual formation fiction transports readers inside the stories of characters who have implemented spiritual practices into real life.

Sharon Garlough Brown


Spiritual director, speaker, and bestselling author Sharon Garlough Brown offers her unique spiritual fiction in both the Sensible Shoes Series and her new novel Shades of Light. Using the study guides alongside each book, readers around the world have been inspired by Sharon’s writing to enrich their spiritual lives and spark meaningful small group and book club discussions.

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Splashed with informative sidebars and images, the volumes in this growing series illuminate the world of the gospels through a compelling historical fiction perspective. In these imaginative narratives, New Testament scholars bring to life the historical and social realities of the biblical world.

Ben Witherington III
Ben Witherington III
James L. Papandrea

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An Imaginative Look at New Testament Life

A moving novel about struggles with mental illness

A Christianity Worth Believing in

The Unkown Story Behind Jesus'Crucifixion

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