Remember Me
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Remember Me
  • Length: 144 pages
  • Published: December 10, 2019
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  • ISBN: 978-0-8308-4670-2
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"'It is finished,' Jesus says. It's a bold declaration for us to make too. What does it mean to say 'It is finished' when so much is unfinished? It means we are people who live hope in two directions, both backward and forward. We long for the kingdom to come in fullness, even as it has already come. And we trust that the One who has begun the good work in us and for us will indeed complete it."

In this sequel to Shades of Light, Katherine Rhodes, the beloved director of the New Hope Retreat Center, finds her own grief tapped by Wren Crawford's struggles with depression and loss. Through a series of letters to Wren, Katherine reflects on the meaning of Christ's suffering and shares her own story of finding hope. How does one begin to live again under the crushing weight of grief? And how can healing come when there's so much left unresolved?

With Katherine as a companion in sorrow, Wren moves forward in her commitment to paint the stations of the cross for a prayer journey at New Hope, discovering along the way a deeper communion with the Man of Sorrows, acquainted with grief.

Readers are invited into a similar journey of reflection through Katherine's words and Wren's paintings. At the back of the book, a devotional guide with Scripture readings, prayer prompts, and full-color art provides the opportunity to ponder the depths of God's love by meditating on Jesus' journey to the cross.

"When we face great pain or loss, these are the times when we may be tempted to ask whether God's care is reliable. And it is especially in times like these when Jesus speaks from the place of his cross. He empathizes with us and is present to help. In Remember Me, Sharon tells a compelling and grace-rich story that helps us enter into these realities. I was touched and helped as I read. I believe you will be, too."

Alan Fadling, author of An Unhurried Life, founder and president of Unhurried Living

"I've already read Remember Me more than once, and as with all of Sharon Garlough Brown's novels, I'll savor it again. Through her true-to-life characters and powerful story, she interweaves themes of suffering, lament, and mental health with beauty, hope, and resurrection. When I finished it, my faith in our living, loving God was strengthened and renewed."

Amy Boucher Pye, author of The Living Cross

"Most of us find grief and waiting to be two of the most challenging aspects of life. With the skillful precision of a spiritual director, Sharon Garlough Brown connects us with engaging characters who are working through deep loss. Remember Me offers hope in the midst of waiting and empathy in the midst of grief. Thank you, Sharon, for leading us straight to the cross, where we find a suffering Christ, ready to meet us."

Gem Fadling, author of What Does Your Soul Love? and founder of Unhurried Living

"Can the path of suffering and grief carry us to a place of healing as we journey to the cross? Author Sharon Garlough Brown's new book Remember Me offers a stunningly beautiful narrative of restoration and redemption in two women's lives. . . . I loved this tender telling of the slow dance into new life and highly recommend it for any season of sorrow, but especially during Lent. I'm grateful it includes a Stations of the Cross personal exercise. What a poignant reminder that new life will come as we persevere in seeking the Lord."

Lucinda Secrest McDowell, author Life-Giving Choices and Ordinary Graces


1. The Word Made Flesh
2. The Gift of Myrrh
3. Taking the Cup
4. With a Kiss
5. Awakened
6. Accused
7. Bearing the Cross
8. Lament
9. Stripped
10. Pierced
11. It Is Finished
12. Into Your Hands
13. Buried
14. Risen
15. Epilogue

Journey to the Cross
Reflection Guide


Sharon Garlough Brown is a spiritual director, speaker, and cofounder of Abiding Way Ministries, providing spiritual formation retreats and resources. She is the author of the bestselling Sensible Shoes Series, which includes spiritual fiction novels Sensible Shoes, Two Steps Forward, Barefoot, An Extra Mile, and their study guides.

A graduate of Princeton Theological Seminary, Sharon has served on the pastoral staff of congregations in Scotland, Oklahoma, England, and most recently in West Michigan, where she copastored with her husband, Jack, for many years. In March 2013 her book Sensible Shoes was named one of television personality Kathie Lee Gifford's "favorite things."

Sharon Garlough Brown loves hearing from her readers and responding to your questions about her writing process, the Sensible Shoes characters, and the inspiration behind her work. Click the button below to ask her a question, and she may respond to it in her Updates from Sharon Garlough Brown enewsletter.

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