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  • The Message of the Word of God, By Tim Meadowcroft

    The Message of the Word of God

    by Tim Meadowcroft

    What does the Bible say about itself? Before this question can be addressed, Tim Meadowcroft argues, we have to address the wider notion that God speaks. Accordingly, Meadowcroft offers fresh, wide-ranging expositions of key passages in both Testaments on the character and power of God's word.

  • Bridges to Islam: A Christian Perspective on Folk Islam, By Phil Parshall

    Bridges to Islam

    A Christian Perspective on Folk Islam

    by Phil Parshall

    Expanding on his acclaimed book Muslim Evangelism, Phil Parshall argues that the avenue for dialogue between Muslims and Christians runs through folk, not orthodox, Islam.

  • Pocket Dictionary of Theological Terms, By Stanley J. Grenz and David Guretzki and Cherith Fee Nordling

    Pocket Dictionary of Theological Terms

    The IVP Pocket Reference Series

    by Stanley J. Grenz, David Guretzki, and Cherith Fee Nordling

    The perfect companion to theological studies, this dictionary provides three hundred-plus definitions, including both English and foreign terms. Learn biblical vocabulary with this must-have for every theological reader.

  • Pocket History of Evangelical Theology, By Roger E. Olson

    Pocket History of Evangelical Theology

    The IVP Pocket Reference Series

    by Roger E. Olson

    Roger Olson provides us with a concise, lively and readable history of evangelical theology. From pietism to evangelicalism, Olson shows the development of thought. Great as a reference book, a refresher course or for use in introductory theology classes.

  • Israel and the Church: The Origins and Effects of Replacement Theology, By Ronald E. Diprose

    Israel and the Church

    The Origins and Effects of Replacement Theology

    by Ronald E. Diprose

    In this important work, Dr. Diprose demonstrates the uniqueness of Israel and its special place in the divine plan.

  • Raising Up Young Heroes: Developing a Revolutionary Youth Ministry, By Efrem Smith

    Raising Up Young Heroes

    Developing a Revolutionary Youth Ministry

    by Efrem Smith

    Contextually relevant and foundationally timeless, Efrem Smith's book provides a model for holistic ministry that addresses all the needs of youth today--body, soul and spirit.

  • In All the Scriptures: The Three Contexts of Biblical Hermeneutics, By Nicholas G. Piotrowski

    In All the Scriptures

    The Three Contexts of Biblical Hermeneutics

    by Nicholas G. Piotrowski
    Foreword by Graeme Goldsworthy

    Biblical interpretation is both a science and an art, and it has powerful implications for what we believe and how we apply God's Word. In this accessible introduction to biblical hermeneutics, Nicholas G. Piotrowski presents a contextualized approach that equips students, pastors, and thoughtful readers to build a strong foundation for interpreting the Scriptures.

  • One Bible, Many Versions: Are All Translations Created Equal?, By Dave Brunn

    One Bible, Many Versions

    Are All Translations Created Equal?

    by Dave Brunn

    Dave Brunn has been an international Bible translator for many years. Here he divulges the inner workings of translation practice to help us sort out the many competing claims for superiority among English Bible translations. His professional assessments and conclusions will be a great help to all seeking truth in translation.

  • Numbers: An Introduction and Commentary, By Gordon J. Wenham


    An Introduction and Commentary

    Tyndale Old Testament Commentaries

    by Gordon J. Wenham

    In ancient times numbers were seen as mysterious and symbolic. Today they are associated with computers and depersonalization. To bridge this gulf, Gordon Wenham explains the background of Numbers, discussing its structure, sources, date, authorship, theology and Christian use. Includes a passage-by-passage analysis of Old Testament ritual.

  • Acts: Seeing the Spirit at Work, By John Stott


    Seeing the Spirit at Work

    John Stott Bible Studies

    by John Stott
    With Phyllis J. Le Peau

    The Spirit moved in dramatic ways in the early church. Covering the exciting action of the Spirit in the years just following Jesus' life on earth, this newly updated Bible study guide from John Stott will open your eyes to the Spirit's power in the past and present and help you apply the riches of Scripture to your own life.

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