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  • Slow Kingdom Coming

    Slow Kingdom Coming

    Practices for Doing Justice, Loving Mercy and Walking Humbly in the World

    by Kent Annan

    No one said pursuing justice would be easy. How do you stay committed to the journey when God's kingdom can seem so slow in coming? Kent Annan understands the struggle of working for justice over the long haul. In this book, he shares practices he has learned that will guide and strengthen you as you love mercy, do justice and walk humbly in the world.

  • Loving Justice

    Loving Justice

    LifeGuide Bible Studies

    by Bob Hunter and Carol Hunter

    In this twelve session LifeGuide® Bible Study, Bob and Carol Hunter challenge you to love justice as God does. And they show you how to work for justice in your everyday life.

    Number of Studies: 12

  • Social Justice Handbook

    Social Justice Handbook

    Small Steps for a Better World

    BridgeLeader Books

    by Mae Elise Cannon
    Foreword by John M. Perkins

    Mae Elise Cannon provides a comprehensive resource for Christians like you who are committed to social justice. She presents biblical rationale for justice and explains a variety of Christian approaches to doing justice. A wide-ranging catalog of topics and issues give background info about justice issues at home and abroad and give you the tools you need to take action.

  • Kingdom Collaborators

    Kingdom Collaborators

    Eight Signature Practices of Leaders Who Turn the World Upside Down

    by Reggie McNeal

    Will you collaborate on God's kingdom work in your community? If you're ready to see God move in all areas—business, education, media, arts, healthcare, spiritual growth, and more—this is the book for you. Leadership expert Reggie McNeal offers eight signature practices for leaders who want to partner with God and others for kingdom growth.

  • Operation World Resources
    product set

    Operation World Resources

    Operation World Resources showcases all formats available for the 7th edition of the definitive global prayer handbook Operation World, plus related resources such as Pray for the World, Window on the World, The Future of the Global Church, and more.

  • Welcoming Justice

    Welcoming Justice

    God's Movement Toward Beloved Community

    by Charles Marsh and John M. Perkins
    Foreword by Philip Yancey

    Historian and theologian Charles Marsh partners with veteran activist John Perkins to chronicle God's vision for a more equitable and just world. Now updated to reflect on current social realities, this book shows how abandoned places are being restored, divisions are being reconciled, and what individuals and communities are now doing to welcome peace and justice.

  • The world is full of injustice, but God calls Christians to work for peace and equity here and now. How do you start your justice journey? These social justice books are great starting points for Christians who want to gain awareness of today's most pressing issues and transform that knowledge into practical action for the good of the world.

  • Pray for the World

    Pray for the World

    A New Prayer Resource from Operation World

    Operation World Resources

    Foreword by Patrick Johnstone
    Consulting Editor Molly Wall

    This timely and accessible prayer guide is an abridged version of Operation World, the leading resource for people who want to impact the nations for Christ through prayer. Pray for the World includes challenges for prayer and specific on-the-ground reports of answers to prayer from Christian leaders around the world.

  • Are you looking for ways to tangibly share God's love and kindness with those in your community and around the world? To connect you with practical ideas for giving and getting involved, we've gathered some ministries near and dear to our authors' hearts that are worthy of your support. We're happy to shine a light on these nonprofits in order to bolster the kingdom work they are doing all over the world.

  • Thirsting for Living Water

    Thirsting for Living Water

    Finding Adventure and Purpose in God's Redemption Story

    by Michael J. Mantel
    Foreword by Richard Stearns

    When personal and global events threw Mike Mantel into a dark night of the soul, he embarked on a journey around the world to rediscover God's holistic gospel driven by compassion, justice, and mercy. Embark on your own adventure and open your eyes to the ways God is already at work at home, among neighbors, and to the ends of the earth.