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  • What Do We Know About Jesus?

    What Do We Know About Jesus?

    IVP Booklets

    by James Emery White

    Many today doubt that we can really know anything reliable about Jesus. Are Christian claims about Jesus even plausible? James Emery White responds to common questions.

  • But What About God's Wrath?

    But What About God's Wrath?

    The Compelling Love Story of Divine Anger

    by Kevin Kinghorn
    With Stephen Travis

    How can a loving God also be a God of wrath? Using a philosophically informed line of argument and a careful study of the relevant biblical texts, Kinghorn and Travis show how these two aspects of God's character can be reconciled. Instead of assuming that God's just response to people is incompatible with a loving response, the authors instead view God's love as a strictly essential divine attribute, with justice as a derivative of love.

  • Seven Lies About Sex

    Seven Lies About Sex

    IVP Booklets

    by Alice Fryling

    Alice Fryling exposes seven contemporary myths about sexuality and relationships.

  • Thinking About God

    Thinking About God

    First Steps in Philosophy

    by Gregory E. Ganssle

    What is God like? What can God do? What can God know? How does God communicate? Philosopher Gregory E. Ganssle appeals to philosophy for some answers to these questions in this introduction to thinking clearly and carefully about God.

  • It's Not About You--It's About God

    It's Not About You--It's About God

    by Rebecca Florence Osaigbovo

    Rebecca Osaigbovo tells women who who want to be the keys to change in their homes, churches and communities: "Stop going your own way and follow God's lead."

  • The Truth About Tolerance

    The Truth About Tolerance

    Pluralism, Diversity and the Culture Wars

    by Brad Stetson and Joseph G. Conti

    Brad Stetson and Joseph G. Conti explore the use and misuse of the value of tolerance in academic circles and popular media, demonstrating that Christian conviction about religious truth provides the only secure basis for a tolerant society which promotes truth seeking.

  • All About Jesus

    All About Jesus

    The Single Story from Matthew, Mark, Luke, John

    Compiled by Roger Quy

    The story of Jesus comes to us from four different authors: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. In this book compiler Roger Quy has combined the four reports of Jesus' life into a single chronological story. Take a new look at Jesus, his life and his teachings. Read for yourself and come to your own conclusions about the carpenter from Nazareth.