Studies in Theology and the Arts

Studies in Theology and the Arts Series

IVP Academic's Studies in Theology and the Arts (STA) series seeks to enable Christians to reflect more deeply upon the relationship between their faith and humanity's artistic and cultural expressions. By drawing on the insights of both academic theologians and artistic practitioners, this series encourages thoughtful engagement with and critical discernment of the full variety of artistic media—including visual art, music, literature, film, theater, and more—which both embody and inform Christian thinking.

Advisory Board:

  • Jeremy Begbie, professor of theology and director of Duke Initiatives in Theology and the Arts, Duke Divinity School, Duke University
  • Craig Detweiler, dean of the College of Fine Arts and Production, Grand Canyon University
  • Makoto Fujimura, artist and author of Art and Faith: A Theology of Making
  • Matthew Milliner, associate professor of art history, Wheaton College
  • Ben Quash, professor of Christianity and the arts, King's College London
  • Linda Stratford, professor of art history and history, Asbury University
  • Karen Swallow Prior, research professor of English and Christianity and Culture, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • W. David O. Taylor, associate professor of theology and culture, director of Brehm Texas, Fuller Theological Seminary
  • Judith Wolfe, lecturer in theology and the arts, Institute for Theology, Imagination and the Arts, The University of St. Andrews

If you are a scholar, practicing artist, or doctoral student working in this field and think your contribution would fit in the STA series, then you are invited to submit a proposal to the series editor. See the STA Submissions page for more details.

"This series is an exciting and critically important development in the burgeoning theology and arts field. It promises to advance the discussion in fresh and highly fruitful ways."

Jeremy Begbie, professor of theology, Duke Divinity School, director, Duke Initiatives in Theology and the Arts

"Studies in Theology and the Arts provides Christian scholars, artists, and church leaders with an opportunity to shape our theological perspective on the arts in light of the creative realities of our Maker God. These resources can help by extending the salvific narrative into broader creation and new creation narratives, enriching our grasp of the gospel and revealing how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ."

Makoto Fujimura, visual artist and author of Culture Care and Silence and Beauty

"IVP Academic's Studies in Theology and the Arts series features Christian voices reflecting on the arts, not just as relics of the church’s heritage but as significant sites of ongoing cultural and theological exchange. Both scholarly and accessible, these volumes invoke rich theological imaginations to explore a diverse array of art and art practices critically and generously. In so doing, the series testifies to the vibrancy of theology and the arts and invites a new generation of scholars to join the conversation."

Natalie Carnes, associate professor of theology, Baylor University
Cameron J Anderson
Edited by W. David O. Taylor and Taylor Worley
Jonathan A. Anderson and William A. Dyrness
Michael Mears Bruner
Malcolm Guite
Jennifer Allen Craft
Edited by Cameron J. Anderson and G. Walter Hansen
Dalene Joy Fisher
Edited by Jeremy Begbie and Daniel Train and W. David O. Taylor
Richard Vance Goodwin