Are you a scholar, practicing artist, or doctoral student working in the field of theology and the arts? If so, then your work might be a candidate for publication in IVP Academic’s new Studies in Theology and the Arts (STA) series.

The field of theology and the arts is a burgeoning discipline with increasing interest from theologians, artists, academic institutions, and churches. At IVP, we have been publishing books on this topic for many years, including works by Francis Schaeffer and Hans Rookmaaker. We are pleased to continue our investment in the intersection of the Christian faith and artistic expression with our STA series.

The STA series seeks to enable Christians to reflect more deeply upon the relationship between their faith and humanity’s artistic and cultural expressions. By drawing on the insights of both academic theologians and artistic practitioners, this series encourages thoughtful engagement with and critical discernment of the full variety of artistic media—including visual art, music, literature, film, theater, and more—which both embody and inform Christian thinking.

If you are a scholar, practicing artist, or doctoral student working in this field and think your contribution would fit in the STA series, then you are invited to submit a proposal.

Thank you for your interest in IVP Academic and the STA series!