IVP has announced promotions for two members of its editorial team. Al Hsu has been promoted to associate editorial director, trade, and Elissa Schauer will serve as executive editor.

Al Hsu, associate editorial director, trade

Hsu has worked at IVP for twenty-eight years, starting out as an editorial intern in 1994, then working as a publicity manager for several years before he joined the editorial team in 2001. Since then Hsu has worked as an associate editor and more recently as senior editor for IVP books from 2012 until this recent shift to associate editorial director. Hsu will be continuing his work in acquisitions and development as well as supporting Cindy Bunch in the leadership of the trade publishing team. Hsu is also an IVP author, whose titles include, Singles at the Crossroads, and The Suburban Christian.

Bunch, IVP vice president, editorial, said, “With a tenure of twenty-eight years Al Hsu is a visionary editor, resident IVP historian, and trusted leader of IVP’s publishing program. Al will be continuing as an acquisitions and developmental editor as well as supporting me in the leadership of the trade publishing team.”

Elissa Schauer, executive editor

Schauer has worked at IVP since 2013, and her most recent role has been as the managing and associate trade editor In 2021 she spearheaded the IVP Kids line, which currently includes nine books with more contracted. Bunch said, “In just shy of a decade at IVP, Elissa has proven herself invaluable. She has served as managing editor and was the linchpin in keeping IVP books on schedule through the pandemic disruption. She is the chief problem solver for scheduling and data issues in the editorial department.”

While continuing to supervise the work of the associate and assistant managing editors, Schauer is also developing new Bible studies for IVP with an integrated video curriculum (launching in Winter 2024).